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Tell Me How To Find Your Business In Social Media!

Because I promise you, it will be worthwhile!


Yesterday, we stopped for some tapas in a restaurant at lunchtime. We did what we always do when we enjoy a meal – we took a photo, tagged them in it, and told everyone we know how much we enjoyed it.

“Everyone we know” is over 50,000 people.  read more »

The Real Secrets To Business Success

The island I live on is a hotbed for business start-ups. Many people come here to start a new life, and plenty of those arrive with a business idea or a plan to start something new. Coupled with that, the island has recently been inundated with a whole raft of Multi Level Marketing opportunities, and there are also many people who choose to supplement their salaries with a small business “on the side.”

As you can imagine, as with anywhere, many of these new businesses fail, usually in the first year of operation. I’ve seen both sides in my own set-ups during the years, and have become intimate with those twin imposters, success and failure, so I thought I’d share my quick tips to success, in the hope it may help one or two others.  read more »

Review: Less Annoying CRM

About 18 months ago, we switched the CRM, or customer relationship management system, for our business. So I thought it would be interesting to re-visit why we use one, and give you a review of the system we are now using.

Less Annoying

Follow up is the cornerstone of most successful businesses.  read more »

Why You Sometimes Shouldn't Promote Your Best People

Tom was a brilliant barman, loved by customers and good at getting them to spend, so he was promoted to Bar Manager.

Sally was the best salesperson the estate agency ever had, so she was made Sales Manager.

Brian was the best technician in the garage, so they made him Works Manager.


The bar ended up losing loads of customers, as Tom was “out back” all the time checking stock and doing the books, and in the end he was sacked.

The estate agency also lost sales initially, and Sally never really mastered the art of teaching other people to do what she did naturally. She’s very unhappy.  read more »

The Secret Of Marketing Anything - A Single Call To Action

I study marketing emails, leaflets and adverts all the time, and one thing that often pops out at me is confusion of calls to action at the end of them:

  • Call us now for a free quotation!
  • Like us on Facebook!
  • Follow us on Twitter!
  • Sign up for our email list and get a free xxxx!
  • Book a package now and save 15%
  • Visit us online at www……
  • Read our testimonials at…….
  • See our reviews on Trip Advisor…….


It’s all too much! And what often happens when people can’t make a choice? They don’t do anything!

By all means, let me know where I can get all that additional information, but  read more »

Why You Shouldn't Use An Advert Blocker When You Browse The Internet

Ad blockers are all the rage. As is complaining about those “pesky” adverts that follow you around once you’ve searched for something and Google thinks it knows “just what you need.”


But consider this: What if the alternative to seeing adverts on websites was having to pay to subscribe to read the contents? Are you prepared to pay rather than give up the free internet, a source of so much interesting, useful and funny information?

I didn’t think so!  read more »

How Do The Big Web Companies Get Away With This Level Of Service?

I’m talking here about the tech giants – Google, Paypal, Microsoft and others of their ilk. Their help and support are generally pitiful, not just for their many “free” clients, but equally for their paying clients. And in each of those examples, I fall into the latter camp.


Here’s what inevitably happens when I have an issue or need to know something new:

Step One – You visit their “help” section

You try 13 searches, using different variations of search strings, but most of the stuff that comes up is totally irrelevant.  read more »

From "Niche Blog" To Six Figures In Six Years

“My wife and I both got up early on day 25, and set to work on the niche blog we have recently started. I like the early mornings - sitting there in our dressing gowns, one dog each at our laps, and working hard for our future. The niche blog is really doing well - it's already full of content, so it proves the old adage that content drives traffic. We had two benefits with that blog - firstly we started with lots of content as we had been writing it for ourselves for some time, and secondly, both of us work on it, so we have double the manpower of this one!”

Mike and Fiona  read more »

Another Way To Increase Your Profits

Most business people spend almost all their strategy time focusing on two key areas to improve their profits:

1/ Getting more customers (Through marketing.)

2/ Reducing their costs (By making the business more efficient.)


But there is a third way:

Selling more to each customer  read more »

Please Can I Just Speak To A Person?

In 1984:

“Hello, XYZ Global, how can I help you?”

“I’d like to speak to someone about your ABC service please.”

“Certainly, I’ll put you through now.”

“Hello, it’s John speaking, what can I do for you?”

18 seconds  read more »