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You HAVE To Make Your Website Faster

I’ve done it at least a dozen times this week, and I bet you have too: I searched for something on Google, clicked a likely looking link and then sat looking at a white screen for 5 seconds.

Then I hit the back button and found another link.


I just won’t wait for slow websites to load anymore – I can’t afford the time!

If your website is loading slowly, you’re probably losing hundreds, maybe even thousands of visitors.  read more »

Banging The Content Drum Again

I’ve been banging the content drum for years now – if you’re using the internet as a medium to market or promote anything, the secret is to write good content that is useful to people.


If you’re an estate agent selling houses in Hackney, then write about Hackney – the schools, the shops, the parks and the entertainment available there. People who are interested will find those great articles in search, and sure enough, some of them will want to buy or rent a house from you!  read more »

Media Net Advertising - Better Than Adsense?

Media Net is the name of the company that takes care of contextual advertising for both Yahoo and Bing. In most respects, it works in the same way as Google’s Adsense product – it serves adverts to your website’s readers, based on the content of the page they are viewing. Like Google’s product, you can select adverts in various styles, and you simply paste the appropriate code into your website.


But which is better?

Read on:

There are two key differences:  read more »

Bmpur - A New And Easy Way To Discover And Share Music

I’m actually old enough to remember when the ONLY way you could buy music was on vinyl. As I grew up, you would either sit down to listen to a record in your bedroom, or, if you wanted background music or to discover something new, your choice was restricted to listening to radio and putting up with announcer’s waffle and adverts.

With the internet, all that has changed – not only is my own digital music collection vast, but I can also see what other people are listening to and discover new music via social media.

That benefit has been greatly enhanced by a new service called Bmpur. It’s basically like Twitter for music. So you follow people (artists, labels, managers and other fans like me) and they populate your feed with music or music related information.


It’s extremely simple to use:  read more »

I Am An Ironman

The journey began well over a year ago, but really started in earnest 7 months ago, when Bella Bayliss became our coach.

Since then, in training, I have:

  • Swum over 300KM
  • Cycled around 3500KM
  • Run more than 750KM
  • Lost 10 Kilos (but 23 in a year)

For 18 to 20 hours every week, both Julie and I have diligently followed the training Bella has given us, and absorbed the wealth of knowledge and personal experience she has been happy to share with us.

I don’t know when it happened, but at some stage over the last 2 months, my mind had moved on. I had gone from wondering “if” I would finish, to knowing that I would. Any endurance athlete will tell you that’s priceless.

And so we arrived on race morning, with very clear instructions about our warm up – Bella even gave us a timetable to follow to the minute, and concentrating on that, we didn’t have time to feel nervous.  read more »

Switching From Aweber To GetResponse

I’ve been an Aweber customer, advocate and affiliate for 6 years, so it has been a wrench to tear myself away from something I’ve come to know so well and which has earned me (through my own newsletters and of course, through their affiliate program) a sizeable income.

download (1)

It’s worth analysing the background to my decision – like so many business decisions, it came about through a series of small things that made me love Aweber less and less, and prompted me to look at the alternatives:  read more »

How To Blog For A Young Audience

I recently discovered an interesting new tool called Noosfeer. It’s basically a blog feed that uses artificial intelligence to select posts that should be interesting specifically to you. I asked the guys at Noosfeer to write a guest post for this site, introducing their product to you and also adding some interesting information about appealing to younger audiences, who often don’t want to consume information in the more traditional, linear, way.

There is a common saying that young audiences can dictate the big market tendencies of the future, after all, they ARE the future. And of course knowing how to appeal to this kind of audience could be strategic to keep your blog alive.

Noosfeer  read more »

Facebook's Latest Algorithm Change Is A Good Thing

Facebook has recently announced yet more changes to their algorithm. This time they are aimed at getting unwanted spam posts out of our newsfeeds, and I think it’s a good thing.


There are three types of posts that will be targeted, and brands which use these tactics on their pages should take note:

Posts that ask for a “like” or “share”

Any posts that contain words like “please like” or “please share,” including where the request is embedded in an image, will find their reach diminishes.  read more »

How To Use Buffer To Resurface Your Old Posts

If you’ve been blogging or writing a website for some time, you’ll have an archive of older posts on it. On our Lanzarote Information site, there are almost 6,000 of them! In amongst the news style posts that aren’t relevant today, there are plenty of real gems. And the only traffic they get is from searches, where people are looking for specific information. If we were good at optimising them for search, then they are getting decent traffic, but if we weren’t then they may well be getting just a few visits a week.

Buffer_001  read more »

Reflecting On Value For Money

Everywhere I look these days, I see an obsession with “Cheap.” Every television advert seems to focus on cheap pricing, every bar blackboard tells me how cheap the beer is, and I get regular emails from readers of our Lanzarote website, which start with the words “What’s the cheapest way to…..”


I think too often, we lose sight of value for money when we focus on cheap.  read more »