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Free Time Management Training

Everyone I have ever met who is successful in business, recognises the value of good time management. 

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For people, like me, who are self employed, every minute I can gain by being efficient, is another minute I can add to my life outside the office.

I’ve said before, that time is like the worst kind of bank account. You never know your balance, and you can only withdraw from it, and not pay in.  read more »

Meet Edgar - Social Media Scheduling On Steroids

Those of you who know me well, will also know that I’m not a huge fan of social media automation - the problem with churning stuff out on Facebook or Twitter via an RSS feed just just seem very “social” to me!


But for those of us who have a lot of valuable, older content that needs to be regularly resurfaced from time to time, there is a need for some automation. Without it, I could spend my whole life posting to social media and not have any time to generate new content. Our largest site, for example, now boasts 7,000 articles going back 8 years, and there are many hidden gems in there.  read more »

Buy On The Island (or in your town) If You Can!

The Canarian government recently announced that the requirement to declare goods bought online for customs has been raised from €22 to €150.

   read more »

8 Reasons Not To Base Your Business On Facebook

I was talking to someone the other day who was starting a new business. I asked her if she had set up a website yet. “No,” She replied. “We’re going to use a Facebook page, it’s free, easy for us to set up, and everyone’s on Facebook these days.!”


Here’s why she is making a huge mistake:  read more »

Factor In Your Time When Making A Decision To Pay For Software

I was talking to one of our clients the other day. She uses Dropbox on a daily basis, and she uses the free version. For months now, she's been hitting her storage limit, but she won't upgrade to the €9.99 version because she doesn't want to pay for "yet another piece of software."


Her solution is to "prune" her dropbox regularly, searching for large files she can remove and putting them elsewhere on her hard drive. I asked her how long this takes her:

"It happens about twice a month, and it only takes me 10 minutes to prune it" was her answer.

I asked her if it causes any problems finding the files she's removed:

"God yes! I spent 20 minutes the other day searching for a file I'd moved!"

I asked her how much her time was worth. She was puzzled at first, but I pushed her to take the salary she pays herself, and to divide it by 52 weeks and then by 40 hours, to give her a rough guide of her hourly worth. The answer came out at the equivalent of €33.00.  read more »

Some Simple Rules Of Thumb For Advertising Your Business

You’ve created a superb advert, which shows off your business and is designed to bring you loads of enquiries and sales.


Here are some simple rules of thumb you can apply to see if you’re on track

1/ Is the  read more »

About Facebook Profiles, Pages and Groups

Most readers of Mike’s Life already know all of this, so feel free to move on!

But I’m often asked to explain what type of “account” people should be using on Facebook for various things, and I’ve decided to put this article on so that I can easily refer them to it, and to save me writing an explanation out every time!

But let’s start with something you may have heard of, but don’t really know much about:

The Facebook Algorithm

If you are my friend on Facebook, or you “like” my Facebook business page,  read more »

Road Test - Smart ForFour

I like quirky, and I love it when someone takes a different approach to solving a problem. That’s why I’ve always been a fan of Smart, and particularly why I was impressed when I first read about the new ForFour – it really is different!


Let’s start with the most obvious difference – it’s rear engined. The 1 litre three cylinder engine is located under the rear hatchback, which affects a number of things:  read more »

  • Boot space is quite limited – we could only get one large suitcase in there
  • The turning circle is just

We Should All Be Marketing Lanzarote

When I booked my first family holiday, I remember walking into the local travel agent and saying something like “I’ve got £500, and I want to go somewhere hot.” And I imagine those kinds of conversations were very common in the days where the only way you could research a destination was at the library, and the only information you could get about accommodation was from a travel brochure.


Of course the internet has changed all that completely. With a few clicks you can probably learn more than your travel agent knows  read more »

Tell Me How To Find Your Business In Social Media!

Because I promise you, it will be worthwhile!


Yesterday, we stopped for some tapas in a restaurant at lunchtime. We did what we always do when we enjoy a meal – we took a photo, tagged them in it, and told everyone we know how much we enjoyed it.

“Everyone we know” is over 50,000 people.  read more »