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SMS Messaging will Never Work!

When GSM mobile phones first came to the market, I was one of four Regional Managers, working for a huge company. Each of us, with a team of Area Managers, covered a quarter of the UK. We were a good team – two ladies, two men, very different temperaments, with a skill set that covered all the essential elements of running a successful organization. I like to think our HR department had chosen wisely, but experience suggests they got lucky!

Old Mobile Phone

One of my key skills was that I was the technical guy. We used to meet at head office once a month, and quite often we’d be issued with new kit, perhaps the latest IBM laptop, or maybe the very first PDA’s when they came onto the market. It was my job to spend time with whatever it was, to read the instruction manual and to let my colleagues know how to get the best out of them.  read more »

Blogging Lessons from Geocaching

A group of us go treasure hunting every month. There’s a local magazine that prints a set of GPS co-ordinates, and we, and many other people, head into the countryside to find a small Tupperware box containing a book and a pen. When we find the box, we all put our names and phone numbers in the book, and Steve from the magazine draws one name out of a hat. The winner gets a bottle of expensive perfume provided by a local shop.

It’s a wonderful and challenging way to spend a few hours in the sunshine with good friends. Steve plants the box in some amazing places – yesterday’s was a good example. Having walked a few kilometers, we then had to climb down a pretty tricky hill and after an hour of searching we eventually found the box inside a dead leaf on a living, very spiky cactus! The view, however was amazing!  read more »

What Happens When you Guest Post on John Chow?

As you may know, John Chow was good enough to run a guest post from me last week. It was called A little Mind Trick to Keep you Motivated.

Many readers have asked me about the effect on traffic here, so this post is to answer the various questions, but first let me tell you the process I went through so you can follow the steps in case you want to do the same.

La Graciosa Beach

Getting a post onto John Chow Dot Com  read more »

Mike's Life POW 20th March 2009

The last week or so a lot of talk on the blogosphere has centered around the South by South West show in Austin, Texas. So far, however I haven’t seen any great posts about people’s experiences at the show, so I hope to post one or two of those next week.

As always, if you’d like me to read your blog with a view to having your posts considered for POW, please let me know via Twitter @mikecj

Here we go for this week’s favorite posts:


Advice for part time bloggers…..

By Darren Rowse on problogger  read more »

Bloggers - Database your Readers!

I live on an Atlantic island which is a huge tourist destination. Like many duty free destinations, we have lots of electrical retailers in the resorts selling video cameras, digital cameras, MP3 players and so on, and they do a roaring trade from tourists who save duty and benefit from our 5% VAT rate. Unfortunately some of them are unscrupulous and sell fake goods, returned goods or just dodgy stuff, and they often get away with it as people don’t realize until they’ve returned home.


Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net  read more »

Why you should switch to Google - Part Three

Let’s now have a look at Google Documents, which is Google’s everyday usage document program, kind of like Microsoft Office. Like office, you can create a spreadsheet, a written document and a presentation. If you have used Office or Open Office, then you will find Google’s versions intuitive and you will be able to use them productively straight away.  read more »

Seven Things you don't Know about me

It seems I’ve been “tagged” by The Almost Millionaire as part of a “meme.”

And here are the rules of the meme:

  1. Link to your original tagger(s) and list these rules in your post.
  2. Share seven facts about yourself in the post.
  3. Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
  4. Let them know they’ve been tagged.

So, here we go:  read more »

Why you should switch to Google - Part Two

So you’ve got Gmail – what you need next is Google Reader. It’s simply the very best RSS reader on the market, and once again it’s free! Here are the features of Google reader, and in a moment we’ll explore how to get the best out of it:

logo_reader  read more »

Multiple Accounts on Twitter? Not for Me!

I’m the last person who wants to tell you how to Tweet, but I would like to share my experience of multiple accounts on Twitter with you, to help you make up your own mind about whether or not it’s the way for you to go.

When I originally joined Twitter, I was running three blogs, in three totally unconnected niches – this one, a scuba diving blog and a travel blog about the island I live on. I decided that it made perfect sense to have three Twitter accounts. Each account would have it’s own followers, specific to the subject. So I set the accounts up and off I went. But after a month or so, I began to hit problems like:  read more »

Mike's Life POW 13th March 2009

Welcome once again to my posts of the week. This week seven have made the cut, which is a little disappointing. We seem to be going through a fallow period on the blogs I read – maybe you know some good ones I should be reading? If so please let me know in comments and I’ll add them to my RSS feed.

Here we go with my favorite posts this week:


How to work less and earn more

By Yaro Starak on entrepreneursjourney

Long piece from Yaro, written as well as ever, which does what it says in the title.


Open letter to the newly unemployed  read more »

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