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It's How you Say it, not What you Say

Here is, word for word, a conversation I overheard last week in response to a local business person, asked how things were going in the recession:

“It’s a nightmare, new enquiries are down 20%, sales are down 10% and our profit is shot – we’re still making a profit, but it’s pathetic.”

Needless to say, the receiver of the news will go out and tell all his friends the same story, and soon the whole island will be repeating these words.

I had a long conversation with the person who had given the answer, and suggested he could have said:

“We’re hanging in there. New enquiries are down 20%, but sales are only down 10%, so our conversation rate is much better. And the best news? We’re still making a profit, so we’ll be ready to do lots more business when we all come out of this.”

The facts in both sentences are the same, the truth remains, but the spin is totally different.  read more »

First Steps for a Rookie Blogger

I had an email from an old friend the other day, who told me that he’s a keen writer and that he wanted to start a blog. He asked me for the basic steps he should go through. I thought I’d share them with you here:

1/ Decide the topic you’re going to write about. Choose something you’re passionate about and enjoy. You don’t have to be an expert, but you have to be prepared to put the work in the become one.

2/ Find at least 6 blogs in the same niche. Plug their feeds into your reader and subscribe to the sites. Read and digest everything they put out.

photo_3127_20090105  read more »

Are Membership Sites the Way Forward?

There are a number of ways to earn income from a blog (sorry I hate monetize as a word!). I’m not going to list the options, but one way is to create some kind of membership scheme where you charge a monthly fee and give people access to a password protected section of your website.


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Sales Pages Don't Work!

I do wonder sometimes if I’m a little out of step with the rest of the blogging world, but every time I see a “standard format” sales page, I want to run and hide. I guess someone, somewhere, wrote the original formula for these things, called him or herself a guru, shouted about the conversion rate, and then convinced a few other gurus to pass on the teaching.

If you’ve spent any time looking at offers on the internet, then you’ll have seen many of them, all slavishly following these rules, designed to take the reader down the “sales funnel”:

Beatles Abbey Road

Length  read more »

Mike's Life POW 24th April 2009

Here are my favorite posts of this week, as always with brief notes on each:


How do you handle “How are you Doing?”

by Mario on mariolive

Mario, who’s first language is not English, explores how you handle the seemingly innocuous question, when you’re suffering from depression or low self esteem.


More full time bloggers than computer programmers? Thought on making money blogging

by Darren Rowse on problogger

Typically well thought out post from Darren, picking up from the piece which ran in The Wall Street Journal.

   read more »

When Mashable Tweets..................

This video tells the story of the day @mashable tweeted a link to a post on Mike’s Life. It covers the event, the good parts, the bad parts and the lessons.  read more »

Why are Some Brands "Cool?"


I saw a job advertised the other day for a Social Media Manager to head up the Windows 7 project at Microsoft. My first reaction was that it will be a tough, but interesting job. That got me thinking about Microsoft. In my lifetime they’ve managed to go from “Cool” to distinctly “Uncool” Why is that? Why are some brands, like Apple or Audi or Bose “Cool”, when others like Hewlett Packard or Hyundai or Sharp, are just not?


Skoda Superb  read more »

Working in Batches as a Blogger

Writing and marketing a blog has to be one of the most diverse occupations known to man, and one of the easiest from which to get distracted! As well as writing posts and answering comments, there are so many other tasks to take care of relating to research, dealing with email, “being around” on social media sites and so on.

Do you ever find a two hour blogging session has simply passed, without you actually achieving what you wanted to do? Do you find that some elements of the job are always running behind, whilst others (usually the ones you like) are going really well?

Colour Batches  read more »

Measuring & Recording Income Statistics on a Blog

Following on from my post about measuring blogging statistics, I promised to let you know how I measure and manage my income statistics.

It’s actually quite hard work, because there are several sources of income! By the time you’ve checked a dozen or so affiliate programs, looked at Adsense stats and recorded your outgoings, it’s often a two hour job.


And if one of your objectives is to earn money from blogging, then I urge you to treat it like a business from day one. Faithfully record all your income and outgoings and stay on top of it!  read more »

Brilliant! Ford Shows the way for Large Corporations to use Social Media

You may have read on various parts of the web about Ford Motor Company’s plan to lend 100 new Fiestas to bloggers and web savvy people for a six month period. The idea is that these people will obviously write about their experience with the cars, as well as various tasks Ford will set them to and report on during their tenure.

New_Fiesta_in_Vision  read more »

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