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Lessons from a Hard Drive Failure

You may have noticed that I’ve been absent for several days from the blogs and from Twitter. My main PC suffered a hard drive failure! Here’s the story:

Bluescreen Blue Screen of Death

I went to bed on 31st March having turned off my PC. On the morning of 1st April I turned it on and it just went into a loop of starting, offering to check the disc and then closing down.  read more »

Google Chrome - New Version even Better!

If you missed my post about using Google Chrome as your web browser, you can see it here. The good news is that Chrome has already been updated, and I’ve been running the new Beta version for a week now.  read more »

Communicate Your Way to Success as a Blogger


I used to train sales people. One of the key tenets of my training was:

The only truly effective time you have as a salesperson is when you are talking to your potential customers

Mike Helming

Are you trying to earn an income from the internet? If the answer is yes, then you are a salesperson. So this key rule applies to you too.  read more »

Why Every Business Needs a Social Media Presence


“If your organization exists to sell something to somebody, then the only truly productive thing you can do is to be talking to people, face to face, on the telephone or online. Other things need to happen, but they are not genuinely productive.”

How it once was (before the internet)

which_april09-172288  read more »

Do You Really Want to Make Money Online?

I’m serious about establishing a long term sustainable income from my online work. Are you? If so, read on.

A couple of weeks ago I invested in a course which David Risley made available to a select few via his mailing list. It wasn’t a big investment, but it was the best I’ve made so far in my journey to becoming a full time, professional blogger.


david  read more »

I am Web 2.0

This morning my transition to a social media / web 2.0 convert became complete. I was erm, performing my morning ablutions and reading a book of Jeremy Clarkson’s articles, written for The Sunday Times, when it happened. (Note to ladies: The act itself takes no longer than your own, the reason we spend so long in there is because we have to get to the end of a chapter, or to an appropriate pause in the book we’re reading.)

Clarkson Book  read more »

Getting Comments on Your Blog

Have you ever visited a blog post with no comments on it? Like a ghost town, huh?

But why do we need comments?  read more »

  • It creates a community for our readers
  • It balances our own messages and arguments
  • It can often add so much useful information to a debate
  • It helps fellow bloggers get links onto our site
  • It helps us to target future writing towards what our readers actually want

SMS Messaging will Never Work!

When GSM mobile phones first came to the market, I was one of four Regional Managers, working for a huge company. Each of us, with a team of Area Managers, covered a quarter of the UK. We were a good team – two ladies, two men, very different temperaments, with a skill set that covered all the essential elements of running a successful organization. I like to think our HR department had chosen wisely, but experience suggests they got lucky!

Old Mobile Phone

One of my key skills was that I was the technical guy. We used to meet at head office once a month, and quite often we’d be issued with new kit, perhaps the latest IBM laptop, or maybe the very first PDA’s when they came onto the market. It was my job to spend time with whatever it was, to read the instruction manual and to let my colleagues know how to get the best out of them.  read more »

Blogging Lessons from Geocaching

A group of us go treasure hunting every month. There’s a local magazine that prints a set of GPS co-ordinates, and we, and many other people, head into the countryside to find a small Tupperware box containing a book and a pen. When we find the box, we all put our names and phone numbers in the book, and Steve from the magazine draws one name out of a hat. The winner gets a bottle of expensive perfume provided by a local shop.

It’s a wonderful and challenging way to spend a few hours in the sunshine with good friends. Steve plants the box in some amazing places – yesterday’s was a good example. Having walked a few kilometers, we then had to climb down a pretty tricky hill and after an hour of searching we eventually found the box inside a dead leaf on a living, very spiky cactus! The view, however was amazing!  read more »

What Happens When you Guest Post on John Chow?

As you may know, John Chow was good enough to run a guest post from me last week. It was called A little Mind Trick to Keep you Motivated.

Many readers have asked me about the effect on traffic here, so this post is to answer the various questions, but first let me tell you the process I went through so you can follow the steps in case you want to do the same.

La Graciosa Beach

Getting a post onto John Chow Dot Com  read more »

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