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Switching From Aweber To GetResponse

I’ve been an Aweber customer, advocate and affiliate for 6 years, so it has been a wrench to tear myself away from something I’ve come to know so well and which has earned me (through my own newsletters and of course, through their affiliate program) a sizeable income.

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It’s worth analysing the background to my decision – like so many business decisions, it came about through a series of small things that made me love Aweber less and less, and prompted me to look at the alternatives:  read more »

How To Blog For A Young Audience

I recently discovered an interesting new tool called Noosfeer. It’s basically a blog feed that uses artificial intelligence to select posts that should be interesting specifically to you. I asked the guys at Noosfeer to write a guest post for this site, introducing their product to you and also adding some interesting information about appealing to younger audiences, who often don’t want to consume information in the more traditional, linear, way.

There is a common saying that young audiences can dictate the big market tendencies of the future, after all, they ARE the future. And of course knowing how to appeal to this kind of audience could be strategic to keep your blog alive.

Noosfeer  read more »

Facebook's Latest Algorithm Change Is A Good Thing

Facebook has recently announced yet more changes to their algorithm. This time they are aimed at getting unwanted spam posts out of our newsfeeds, and I think it’s a good thing.


There are three types of posts that will be targeted, and brands which use these tactics on their pages should take note:

Posts that ask for a “like” or “share”

Any posts that contain words like “please like” or “please share,” including where the request is embedded in an image, will find their reach diminishes.  read more »

How To Use Buffer To Resurface Your Old Posts

If you’ve been blogging or writing a website for some time, you’ll have an archive of older posts on it. On our Lanzarote Information site, there are almost 6,000 of them! In amongst the news style posts that aren’t relevant today, there are plenty of real gems. And the only traffic they get is from searches, where people are looking for specific information. If we were good at optimising them for search, then they are getting decent traffic, but if we weren’t then they may well be getting just a few visits a week.

Buffer_001  read more »

Why I Moved Everything Into The Cloud

Following a catastrophic hard drive failure a couple of years ago, I vowed that I would gradually migrate my entire computer system (and my wife’s) into the cloud. We chose to go with Google as our provider, mainly because we were well “into” Google already, as we use Goggle apps to host our domain emails. More recently Microsoft have come up with a credible competitor in the form on Office online, but we’re happy to stick to the Big G.

Google  read more »

Convert PDF Documents To Word

PDF (portable document format) is a widely used application online. It allows you to send quite large documents, compress images, and include a load of information which makes sure the document is always displayed as the writer intended it.


Until recently, creating your own PDFs needed software, or a web based converter, but these days both Microsoft’s Office and Open Office offer native converters, so it’s relatively easy to convert anything you produce into a PDF.

But going the “other way” remains a problem!  read more »

How To Cope With Your Email Overload

If you’re a blogger, you’re an “online person,” which probably means you get a lot of email!


How much time do you waste in your inbox?

One of the biggest time wasters with email is procrastination. How often do you read an email, then choose to leave it in the inbox to come back to later? If that’s your habit, when you do come back, you’ll end up reading it again, and perhaps doing exactly the same thing! If you do the same email 3 or 4 times before actioning it, and multiply that by the hundreds you might receive in a week, you’re wasting a huge amount of time.  read more »

Be Cautious About Statistics

One of the best things about using the web is the level of information you can glean from things like Google Analytics. You know where your readers are coming from, the path they follow through your website and the point at which they’ve had enough and decide to move on.

As a marketer, the information is amazing and I use it every day for my own websites, and for those of my customers.


But I want to inject some caution here. The stats don’t lie, but they can bend the truth!  read more »

The Single Most Important Ingredient For A Successful Blog

Let’s start by agreeing that successful means on your terms, not mine. You might want to make a fortune from your blog, but perhaps you’re not interested in money and you just want traffic. Or affection from your readers. Maybe you just want to write to get things out of your system.

It doesn’t matter how you define your success. There is one ingredient which will help you achieve it, and it’s the one that so very many people who start blogs don’t have.


Perseverance  read more »

Am I A Writer?

There’s a massive snobbery around the word “writer.” People who write every day waste time wringing their hands wondering if they dare call themselves “writers.”

Where they feel they can’t, they adopt terms like “bloggers” or “content creators.”

The whole debate online has been fuelled recently by endless discussion about what constitutes “quality content,” with Google adding more to the flames by telling us that’s what they are working hard to surface in their ubiquitous search engine algorithm. People complain that the web is too “dumbed down.”

Typewriter  read more »

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