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Don't Forget To Link From Your Website To Great Content!

You’ll often hear the phrase that “links are the currency of the internet.” And they still are.


But social media, rather perversely, has dramatically reduced the number of useful links around the web. The problem is that it’s so quick and easy to share content via social media, that doing so has become the default, where once the only way to do so was with our own websites.

That’s a problem, because links on Twitter and Facebook have almost no SEO value – all they are good for is the initial hit of traffic that they send to your content.

But a link on a blog with a decent readership has on-going long term value to any website.  read more »

Book Review - Burn Wild, A writer's guide to creative breakthrough

They say that everyone has a novel in them. I’m not sure I subscribe to that theory, but I do believe there are many, many potentially great writers out there, who never actually publish anything in their lives, perhaps because:

  • They never find the time
  • They are scared to fail
  • They don’t know how to start
  • They’ve tried and not been satisfied with the results
  • They don’t understand how to “tap into” what’s in their heads

I’ve recently read a book that could help people in that situation. As you’d expect, it’s extremely well written, and I think it could become a “meeting point” for the would-be writers of the world.


Burn Wild – A writer’s guide to creative breakthrough is by Christie Krug, who is an accomplished writer and who is also a writing coach.

I think part of the foreword best sums up the book:  read more »

On "Friends"

This is a guest post from Sue Almond. Her connection with me is explained in the post, and when I read it, I felt I wanted to add my own viewpoint. Social media has been an extraordinary revolution in the way we all communicate, and it has enabled so many of us to dramatically increase the number of friends we have around the world. Many people think these are superficial friendships, and of course the vast majority of them are just that. But over the last five years using Facebook and Twitter, amongst all the acquaintances, I can honestly say I have established genuine and lasting friendships with people all over the globe. These are people who I can call on for advice, help and a chat – I “know” their families, what’s going on in their work and love lives, and they know as much about me.

We live in a fabulous time.

Over to Sue:

They say you are lucky if you have six real friends, people you could count on, who are there for you no matter what. Have we devalued the word 'friend' by using it so freely to mean 'contacts' on social networking sites like Facebook? Not necessarily I don't think as sometimes, in a variety of ways, those contacts are invaluable.

Old Friends  read more »

How Much Productive Time Are You Spending On Your Blog?

I used to own and run a real estate business and I measured the activity of the salespeople in terms of their customer interaction. I can remember saying often “The only time you are in danger of making a sale is when you are talking to a customer, either face to face, on the phone or via email. How much time did you spend today doing that?”

Clock  read more »

Is Facebook Going To Start Charging People To Use The Service?

I did a little informal research on this, using my own Facebook profile. I asked people “If Facebook starts to charge for using the service, would you pay?” I was quite surprised at the vehemence of the answers, with more than 90% saying emphatically they would not and suggesting they would leave the service if it became chargeable.


Next, I told people that Facebook are planning to start running 15 second video adverts in their timelines (they are), and in this case the response was again strongly negative – “Then it will be time for me to say goodbye” was how one friend put it.

I find this interesting.

Facebook is a service that:  read more »

  • Allows us to stay in touch with our friends and family like never before
  • Upload as many images and videos as we want

Every Business Is Now A Digital Business

There’s a fallacy that some kinds of businesses don’t need to be “on-line.” That somehow, people are prepared to pick up a magazine or a newspaper, or even call them to find out a little more about their product or service.


Don’t believe it!

You have a bar or a restaurant? Somebody wants to know what time you open!

You run a gardening business? Someone wants to see pictures of how you trim hedges!

You’re a freelance car mechanic? I want to know if you have the equipment to “read” my car’s computer!  read more »

Do You Really Want To Guest Post For Us?

Guest post opportunity



I love your blog and I’ve really enjoyed reading the articles on there. I think you provide really valuable content for your readers.

I write on similar blogs on topics that I know your readers will enjoy. I would love to contribute to your site, with a unique article of my own, completely free of charge to you. All I ask for is a link back to one of the other sites I work for.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Best wishes

xxx”  read more »

The Truth About Email Marketing

It’s a simple fact that email marketing is massively effective. Across our own businesses, I can tell you that we achieve a little over 5% conversion rate from emails sent that sell something. That compares to just over 1% from any of our “selling” web pages.

Tough Race

It should be obvious – anyone who is engaged enough to have signed up to your newsletter list has a level of trust in what you suggest to them, and they are far more likely to buy from you when you ask them to do so.  read more »

Fancy Yourself As A Blogger?

You might be asking yourself why you haven’t heard from me here for some months, and in case you are, here’s the top line:

Lanzarote Information, our flag ship site, continues to amaze and enthral me. With over 5,000 visits a day, a social media community of 30,000 and some increasingly blue chip advertisers, it’s everything I hoped for when we set out on the road the create a sustainable on line business. Our other smaller sites are growing and blossoming, benefiting from the learning we went through on the big one. I’m continuing to work extremely hard with my consultancy clients (some would say making hay before the sun sets on the European economy!) and I’m back to my triathlon training after a small operation.

But this blog has never been about me.

It was always about helping people to do similar things, using the experience I have gained over the last few years. And it’s gratifying to know that despite my relative absence from these pages, it soldiers on doing just that.

The most recent examples are an old friend Marc Johnston, who is a brilliant musician, and who has created a fabulous blog at

He followed my Beginner’s Guide to Blogging course (free here ) and then got in touch with Sue Almond.

sue  read more »

4 Ways Blogging Can Contribute To Your Self Growth

I’ve been in touch with Glynis for a few years now, and as she says in this guest post, she’s one of the many people who have been through my Beginner's Guide to Blogging course.

People hear or see the term, Self Growth, and immediately think that there will be deep thinking, meditation, candles lit, and long discussions about what the meaning of life is. Although you can certainly go this route by finding a life coach that specializes in in the spiritual area of self growth, Many things about improving yourself can be learned in activities in your daily life.


When I took part in Mike's email course, The Beginner's Guide to Blogging, I actually thought I had all my ducks in a row and taking this free course was just to make sure that I did not have any ducks wandering off. What I soon discovered was my knowledge was sorely lacking in any depth.

Mike's course and my journey with my blog since then has instructed me on some aspects of life the I have wanted to improve on for a long time. These are things that come in handy every day for whatever you are doing.

Organization Skills

With blogging, if you are not organized, your chances of succeeding are slim at best. There must be a plan before you think about launching your blog. The ultimate goal, the sub-goals, the tasks, the brainstorming, it all takes planning, organization.

Moreover, you will need to schedule the time you need to put into this endeavor. Doing small jobs with your blog when you just feel like it is not going to give you the desired results you was.  read more »

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