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Would You Fire Yourself?

If you're earning a full or part time income from your blog, what area earned you the most during 2010?

It might have been book sales, a membership program or perhaps an affiliate relationship with Amazon, Aweber or a hosting company.


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Web Advertising

A friend of mine who runs a successful retail business was telling me that when he started ten years ago, he was spending 90% of his annual advertising budget in magazines and newspapers.


Five years ago he reached 50% / 50%

This year his budget has moved to 10% offline and 90% on websites.

That's why newspapers and magazines are struggling. It's not that people are no longer spending money on advertising, it's that they are shifting their spend online.

Are you getting your share of the 90%?

If not, start here: Selling advertising on your blog  read more »

One Shot Cowboys, Or A Blunderbuss?

If you're making your living online, the obvious danger is in becoming a one shot cowboy, focusing all your effort on one product or one affiliation. Unless your name is Tim Ferris, it can be a dangerous strategy.


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A Lesson in Affiliate Marketing

Think back to the last product you promoted online as an affiliate. Did you write a post about it? Did you email details to your list? Did you place a banner for the product on your site?


What else did you do?

I'll wager most of you stopped there. And if it was a time limited product, then you have an excuse. But if it wasn't, ask yourself why you did so little, and maybe you'll get the answer to why the return was poor.

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A Simple And Free Solution To Creating A Store On Your Website - Wazala

Note: There are no affiliate links in this, and the post is not sponsored in any way. Wazala simply contacted me to tell me about their product, and I was impressed by it.

One of the issues facing many bloggers is how to create a neat and professional looking online store.


Wazala have solved that problem elegantly. With no need to understand code, you can have a store up and running in as little as 15 minutes, to showcase physical or digital products.  read more »

Sell An Affiliate Program Instead Of Advertising

He leaned back in his chair and put his arms around the back of his head. Classic body language demonstrating his comfort in his own environment, and something bordering on contempt for me.



It wasn't going well.

I had been in his office for half an hour pitching a €30 a month advertising slot on a website for his service. Everything he did and said suggested I was failing dismally.  read more »

A way to make some fast income from a blog

This is a guest post from Justin Aldridge, another Brit who lives in Spain.

I first started blogging about five years ago.  In those days I used to blog all the time as Google, in particular, loved it.  I would blog about a topic and within minutes my blog post would appear in Google's search results.  My main aim in those days was to blog to drive traffic to my main website, and it worked really well.

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One way to make some money from domains

This is something I've done a few times over the last couple of years with some success, and I thought I'd share it with you.


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The process is simple:  read more »

What you could be doing if you had a decent email subscriber list

This isn't another post telling you that you should have started building an email subscriber list ages ago.

It's to show you what you could be doing if you had.


Image from Aweber report "Weekly subscribers to list"

My biggest email list isn't in this niche. If you know me, you'll probably realise that it's in the travel niche. I started it too long after I set up the blog (like so many bloggers) didn't add a decent offer to it for six months, and it took me a full year to start to use a pop up on the site.  read more »

You can be an Angel Investor

We think of angel investors as people who have cashed out of their businesses and who swan around distributing funds from their own massive reserves to interesting start ups.


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But you don't need money to be an angel investor.

You have a raft of skills which are fantastically useful to most new businesses:  read more »

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