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Twitter Summer Fun (And Learn how to blog for an income)

I launched The Beginner's Guide to Blogging in September of last year, and since then 376 people have bought the product. Not a huge number, but a solid enough result.

BGB E book

It's available as a full 250 page E Book (the most popular choice by far) or as a series of 60 lessons delivered to your inbox via email at the rate of one per day.

It's exactly what the title suggests - a step by step guide to setting up a blog with the aim of earning an income from it. It covers:  read more »

A New Wordpress Plug In You Need!

Michael Dunlop was one of our subjects for the Beyond Blogging Book. We charted his success as a young entrepreneur, based in UK, and about some of the great stuff he was doing.

His latest product is a Wordpress Plug-in, and it's achieving some amazing results.

Do you remember when I told you that lightboxes are an amazing way to increase your email subscriber sign ups?


Well Pop up Domination does the same thing...but is so much better than the standard Aweber forms that are available.  read more »

Do you want to sell some advertising on your blog?

When most people start a blog with the aim of earning some money from it, their thoughts generally turn to selling advertising. In time, they will realise that selling space on a blog is only one strategy for monetisation, and they'll begin to explore other areas.



Image: Simon Howden /

But for now, let's consider advertising sales. How do you get people to want to place an advertisement on your blog, and more importantly pay for it?  read more »

How do I monetize my blog?

It's a question I hear and see all the time. In forums, in emails, face to face. And it's usually accompanied by something like "My niche doesn't really lend itself to monetization."


Well, sorry, but any niche can be monetized, and most in a variety of ways.

Let's talk about them:

Indirect Advertising  read more »

How to think like a CEO

We often bandy around phrases like "You are your the CEO of your business" and "It's important to start to think strategically about your business."


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But what does it actually mean to be a CEO? What is strategic thinking all about?

In simple terms, being a CEO is about delivering the best return on investment whilst making the best use of the assets available.  read more »

Are you lazy, or just stupid?

Of course that question isn't aimed at you.


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It's aimed at him. And her. You know them. The ones who:  read more »

How to Bootstrap a Business

You probably already know that Nathan started his online business while on deployment in Afghanistan - it's one of many things I admire about him.


Bootstrapping is one of those American phrases you hear all the time online. Wikipedia describes it as "A self sustaining process that proceeds without external help." In other words, and relating it to a business start up, it means doing it yourself and not investing lots of money to do so. It's how 95% of bloggers start their businesses.  read more »

Is this the real third tribe?

If you've been reading my blog, you'll have been following the story of Eben Pagan's upcoming launch. Here's the link to the next video in the series.

But for today, I want to talk about my observation of his launch.


Image: Tom Curtis /  read more »

The Difference Between Selling Stuff & Finding Solutions

I wrote a post last week about Eben Pagan and how he generated $29 Million turnover from his home office last year. That post linked to the first video from him in a series which will eventually lead to a product launch of some kind. I suggested that it would be a good learning experience for all of us to watch the videos, get onto his launch email list, and see how he manages the whole thing. Apart from anything else, the content in these videos is amazing!


The second one is out now, and you can view it here.  read more »

How to de-motivate an affiliate

Do you remember the first time you sold a product on a website via an affiliate program? That amazing feeling when the email pops in to say "You've made a sale!"?

It's fantastic, isn't it? What happened next? I'd wager you went straight to the affiliate page to check your commission was showing and to see when you were going to get the money.



And this is where so many affiliate programs go wrong!  read more »

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