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Bridging the wealth gap between bloggers and internet marketers

I guess we’re all aware that internet marketers, generally speaking, earn a good deal more than most bloggers. Did you know that the average earnings of the top 10% of bloggers is only $19,000 a year? That’s pretty scary to me!


But when you analyze it, it actually makes no sense. As bloggers we have much, much larger audiences than most internet marketers. The difference is that we’re simply not as good as they are at selling to our large audiences.

I watched a terrific video on the subject today, from my friend David Risley, and that was what sparked these thoughts.  read more »

How to launch your first digital product - part 4

If you didn’t catch the start of this series, you can do so here: How to launch your first digital product


We’re in the final phase now, and today, in this last part, we’re going to cover:

  • The Launch
  • Post launch follow up
  • Keeping the momentum going

The Launch  read more »

How to launch your first digital product - Part Three

Continuing our series on launching your first digital product, you can start at the beginning here: Part one – How to launch your first digital product.

Today, we’re going to cover:

  • Designing a sales page
  • Choosing a launch date
  • The Pre launch process


Designing a sales page

This is a really tough one to tackle. I’m sure we’ve all moved beyond the tacky highlighter ridden, multiple PS style sales pages of the past, but which way to go now? You could have a standard “long form” sales page, a simple short one, or even, as some people are doing now, a mini-site, which has a sales page with links to more specific information like testimonials.

Here are some examples of each:  read more »

How to launch your first digital product - Part Two

Yesterday we talked about the first three steps in the process of launching a digital product. In case you missed it: How to launch your first digital product.

Today, we’ll move on and talk about:

  • Creating marketing materials
  • Selecting a sales process
  • Developing an affiliate program

Creating Marketing Materials

In an ideal world, you’ll hire a superstar designer like Jana from Impact Studios, who will produce a wonderful set of cool graphics that do an amazing job of promoting your product and brand. Stuff like this:

Button  125_by_125.png  ecovers_all_mini footer  read more »

How to launch your first digital product

If you are blogging with the aim of generating a long term sustainable income, then sooner or later, you’re going to want to sell some kind of digital product on-line. Selling other people’s stuff can be lucrative, but there are few things more profitable than creating something yourself, and unleashing it to the power of the internet.



In a series of posts over the next few days, I’m going to give you some pointers, ideas and a plan for your first launch. This is based on my personal experience with three launches:  read more »

Eight Products to Help you Make More Money Online

This is a guest post by Jade Craven. Please note the links to the products below are not affiliate links. Each contains a short summary of a product she has reviewed and recommends on her website.


When Mike offered me the opportunity to guest post, I jumped at the chance. I’ve made my friends thousands of dollars because of the guest posts I’ve written but can’t give every product the promotion they deserve.

The following products are those that I love. They are targeted at different skill and income levels. If you have any questions about them, respond in the comments. I’ve read/watched them all.

1. Niche Content Millionaire  read more »

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Firas is a staff writer on Mike’s Life, and you can find out more about him here.

I am sure most of you have heard about Affiliate marketing but have never tried it. Basically, affiliate marketing is the process of referring people to buy a certain product or service and get a commission in return for every sale you make. Affiliates are also known as “Partners”, “Referrals” or “Associates”.



Why Affiliate Marketing?

What is so cool about Affiliate marketing is that you make money by telling people about products, you never worry about delivery, after sales, payment problems or anything else, you just tell your readers about cool products and whenever they purchase them you will be making money. There are so many different ways to make money through affiliate programs, people are specializing in it and how to better convert leads into actual sales.  read more »

Cool T Shirts for Bloggers

Like most bloggers, I’m always on the look out for additional income streams. The more we can create, the safer we become – if any single stream fails, the others remain to prop up our earnings.

With that in mind I set up an account with Zazzle a few months ago, and began offering T-shirts, mugs and calendars to the readers on our travel blog. There’s a double benefit:


1/ You can kit yourself out with your branded clothing, drink from your branded mugs, and get friends and family to do the same. They’re also great thank you gifts for people you interview or who are helpful in any way.  read more »

How to make money from blog advertising - Part two

Yesterday I addressed the problem with selling advertising on blogs. In summary, they were:

  • By focusing on page views, ads tend to get placed on every page of the blog, resulting in only a few slots and consequently high prices
  • For the same reason, ads are often served that are irrelevant to the page being read, hence the low click through rates

Today, let’s look at an alternative.

Why not focus on the biggest strength of any blog? The huge number of pages, a number that is always increasing!

When we started this on our travel blog, we had over 1000 posts in place. We decided to allow two adverts per page.

Benefit number one: The blog doesn’t look like it’s “full” of adverts.

Two_ads  read more »

Sorry guys, but those are NOT membership sites

The latest membership site launched a couple of weeks ago in a blaze of hype. Limited numbers, doors dramatically reopening for a day to let those desperate stragglers in, lots of talk about the “last chance this year” and so on. This particular one was for three months at $297 and was typical of several such launches this year.

But these aren’t membership sites!

They’re training courses. Sure they contain lots of information, no doubt very useful and beautifully presented, but at the end of the day they are information products just like the ones we have been selling for years, only bigger and more detailed. They’re the ultimate incarnation of the E Book.

This type of site may be fulfilling the marketer’s dream of creating a product once and being paid over and over, but they are not membership sites in the true sense of the phrase. And they are missing a huge opportunity to create a site that will keep members paying for years and years – a genuine long term, sustainable income.

So what does a real membership site look like?

Lotus  read more »

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