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What Happens When You Ask Me For A Read Receipt On Your Email

“xxx has asked for a receipt when you read this email. Do you want to send one? Yes or no!”

Read Receipt

“Blast! What should I do? If I click no, he’ll think I’m being evasive. Better click yes.

Double blast! There are things I need to do before I reply, and now he knows I read the email at 0918.

I’d better stop what I’m doing right now, postpone that coffee break and do those things.

Phew, that took some time. OK, now I can reply to him.

Suddenly, I don’t like this guy.  read more »

If I Was The MD Of That Big Company - Part One

I’d start off by explaining to my co-directors and senior managers that:

Boss  read more »

  • The most important people in our business are the ones who face customers
  • Our job is to support them and to free them from administration to give them more time to help our customers
  • They know far better than we do what our customers need and want, so we should listen to them
  • Our executive parking places near the front door are no more – they’re now for customers and visitors

Only One Business Can Be The Cheapest In Their Market

When price is your USP, you leave yourself nowhere to go if someone can do it cheaper.

And they will.


In a holiday resort close to where I live, there’s a “Food price war” going on right now. Bars and cafés are offering a full English breakfast for as little as €2.50, and Chinese restaurants are offering an “all you can eat” buffet for €5.50.

What will they do when the new kid on the block does the breakfast at €1.99 or the buffet at €4.99. Will they follow? Will they beat the price?  read more »

Road Test - Lexus CT200h

I probably shouldn’t read other people’s road test reports on cars I’m about to try out, but in this case I did.

And I can’t help thinking that many other motoring writers simply don’t “get” the Lexus CT200h. They lament the tardy zero to sixty time, complain that the styling isn’t great and whinge about the handling.

Lexus CT200h  read more »

On Hotels

I like to think of myself as a five star kind of person. All through life, I’ve always strived (and all too often failed financially) for the finer things in life.

But a recent experience made me question that whole philosophy.


I spent two nights in two different hotels – one a four star Hilton in a big city, the other a lowly Premier Inn, near a provincial airport.  I didn’t pay the bill – I didn’t even see it, but checking their respective websites it looks like the second was less than half the price of the first.  read more »

Update on 2011 - Part Three

So we’ve covered all the work stuff and it’s time to focus on the personal side of life.

Haria Extreme Run

I’m A Triathlete

You probably know that I decided to become a triathlete in 2011. Julie calls it a mid life crisis – on my 50th birthday in March I announced I wanted to do Ironman in 2013. Typically, she decided to join me!  read more »

Adverts That Were Just Wrong

I was 24 years old, a newly appointed manager and I was sitting in what felt like a very grown up meeting where we were being presented with  a new marketing plan and strategy by an agency. I was the most junior person there by miles.

As the Powerpoint presentation ran, a feeling of dread came over me. Every fibre of my being was telling me that the agency had completely missed what the brand was about, and that the strategy was miles off in terms of speaking to our target audience.

586493ri9qocjyh  read more »

Time To Put The Livedrive Thing To Bed

Following on from my previous posts on the subject: Livedrive, don’t use them and Livedrive, are they in trouble? it’s time for me to move on from this and concentrate on more important stuff, so I need to write a final post updating everyone on where we are.

On 3rd November, a full eight weeks after my initial support request, I was called by Ian Burge, who heads up sales for Livedrive. As I previously reported, Ian was apologetic, acknowledged my bad experience and told me he’d do whatever he could to help.


Within a couple of days he’d come back to me to tell me that 280 of the files had been restored, but there were some that couldn’t, as for some reason they hadn’t originally uploaded correctly. He told me that the support department had no idea why that would have happened. Bear in mind that these files should have been uploaded to the system more than a year before, and we’d never had any indication there was a problem.

Once again Ian was honest and straightforward to deal with and is a credit to his company. If only he had got involved earlier, it might have saved so much aggravation, but ultimately it isn’t his job to placate unhappy customers. He told me that Livedrive had underestimated how much support would be needed in their market. It seems they have a large number of customers who are not very technically minded and who need more help and support than planned for. The company are reacting to that as fast as they can, but it has meant their support has been very slow in the meantime.  read more »

Livedrive - Are They In Trouble?

Update 03/11/2011 At Last! Someone from Livedrive has called me. Ian heads up Livedrive's sales (the poor old sales department always seems to get lumbered with these things!) He was very honest with me, didn't make any attempt to feed me any BS, and admitted that the service I've had simply hasn't been acceptable. He's going to talk to the techie guys and find out what can be retrieved and what went wrong in the first place. I appreciated the fact that he didn't make any promises other than to get back to me over the next few days with some answers. It must have been a tough phone call to make and I appreciated him doing so. I'll update here as soon as I have more news.

If you didn’t read the sad and sorry story of my problems with Live Drive, then this would be a good place to start: Livedrive – Don’t use them!

Incredibly, I still have not heard a word from them about my problem. Whoever runs the Twitter account for them is ignoring me, and I’ve lost count of the number of emails I’ve sent them, none of which have received a reply.

There is one update, which is almost amusing. Having obviously taken a decision that they don’t care about my problem, and they can’t be bothered to try to deal with me. they still managed to charge my credit card €10.95 yesterday for this month’s service!

I started wondering if it was just me. Was I the only person having problems? Maybe they think I’m just some kind of trouble maker.

So I decided to do a quick Twitter search to see if I could find other people with issues. The last few days worth of tweets provided some insight:


2011-11-03_1129_001  read more »

Road Test - Toyota Prius

It’s interesting how much debate is sparked at the merest mention of the Toyota Prius. Everyone seems to have an opinion and most seem to be polarised at either the “love it” or “hate it” end of the scale.

A case in point is my old friend Jeremy Clarkson, who clearly hates the Prius. Who can forget his “road test” of the car, when he followed a Prius, in a BMW M3, screaming around a race track at top speed for several laps. He then expressed surprise when the BMW’s fuel consumption was less than the Toyota’s. The only thing the segment proved was that JC never lets good journalism get in the way of a good story, and that the Prius isn’t the best car to buy if you want to go motor racing.

Prius  Dash Closeup  read more »

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