4 Ways Blogging Can Contribute To Your Self Growth

I’ve been in touch with Glynis for a few years now, and as she says in this guest post, she’s one of the many people who have been through my Beginner's Guide to Blogging course.

People hear or see the term, Self Growth, and immediately think that there will be deep thinking, meditation, candles lit, and long discussions about what the meaning of life is. Although you can certainly go this route by finding a life coach that specializes in in the spiritual area of self growth, Many things about improving yourself can be learned in activities in your daily life.


When I took part in Mike's email course, The Beginner's Guide to Blogging, I actually thought I had all my ducks in a row and taking this free course was just to make sure that I did not have any ducks wandering off. What I soon discovered was my knowledge was sorely lacking in any depth.

Mike's course and my journey with my blog since then has instructed me on some aspects of life the I have wanted to improve on for a long time. These are things that come in handy every day for whatever you are doing.

Organization Skills

With blogging, if you are not organized, your chances of succeeding are slim at best. There must be a plan before you think about launching your blog. The ultimate goal, the sub-goals, the tasks, the brainstorming, it all takes planning, organization.

Moreover, you will need to schedule the time you need to put into this endeavor. Doing small jobs with your blog when you just feel like it is not going to give you the desired results you was.

Your materials must, also, be organized. Everything should be laid out before you start if at all possible. I fall a little short here even still. I do not have everything I need to create videos or audio recording.

Confidence Building

Sure, blogging is a writing craft. Why would you need confidence when you are spending so much time alone? Believe it or not, there are many people who go along with this logic, thinking only people who have to have a public presence need confidence building. Wrong.

Although a blogger's life may usually be in front of a computer screen, that does not mean that there is not any public life going on. Bloggers must promote their own blogs/websites. Yes, some hire it to be done but, nevertheless, the blogger must make his/her presence known at the social media sites. This can not be done by an agent. Moreover, with the blog itself, you must show your personality within your posts.

All this takes some confidence. Confidence is one of those values that require you to practice it in order to build it up. You can not learn it from a book. Through the posts that you write the confidence in you will grow. It helps you open up and spread your wings.

Communication Skills

Like other forms of writing, blogging requires a good foundation in communicating. In order to get your message across to your readers, you must be able to use words (both written and spoken) effectively. Yes, spoken communication through videos and audio recordings is used in posts.

The only way I know how to improve communication skills is to practice them, use them every day. By blogging you have found an avenue to do just that in a way that will also improve your vocabulary, grammar, and spelling.

Goal Setting Skills

Do you ever have days in which you feel 'stuck'? What I mean by 'stuck' is that you feel as though you are caught between a hard place and a rock, and do not know which way is going to get you where you want to be.

By setting goals, this is not as likely to happen to you, ever.

Sure, you can take classes for this, but I can tell you that you will learn much more by doing. Blogging is a productive way to get in there and 'get your hands dirty' in the process of setting goals. When you have a blog, you are always setting new goals of one type or another. Blogging is one of those arts/crafts/business that is always evolving.

You will learn how to set long-term goals, short-term goals, sub-goals and all the tasks within these categories. You will learn how to be flexible in goal setting and how to be persistent in this process.

In Closing

These are just four of the many self growth skills you can learn by taking up the challenge of serious blogging. There are many more you will learn as well as time goes on. All of them will show you good habits that are relatively easy to develop if you are willing to put some effort into it.

I mentioned Mike's email course in my introduction. I highly recommend this free opportunity that you can take advantage of if you are seriously interested in the art, craft, business of blogging.

Bio: Glynis Jolly has been blogging in the niche of Self Growth since 2011. Her background has been in Social Work, using her skills as a patient representative in a state hospital located in Colorado. Her education includes an Associate's Degree in Social Work/Sociology and another Associate's Degree in Accounting. You can visit her blog at http://www.glynisj.com/.

Images was provided by Abigail Elder

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