The blog that went from zero to a full time income in one year

I started writing a blog post about my wife’s blog about a month ago. It was going to be a case study of how between us we’ve taken the blog from nowhere to a full time income in one year. Warts and all. The downs as well as the ups.

Case Study 600 by 800

The problem is, I wrote a larger than usual post over about an hour, and realized I had only catalogued the process up until month three!

What we learned

So I had a re think. And I decided that the case study warranted more than a post, or even a series of posts. You see, we’ve learnt so much in the year. Stuff like:

  • How to actually earn money from affiliate programs
  • How to approach advertisers for business
  • How to barter for goods or services
  • How to create a successful membership site
  • How to negotiate affiliate deals with companies that don’t already offer them

And we learned an awful lot of things to avoid!


The end result of all of this is that I’ve almost completed the case study, and it’s a big document! I’ve decided to turn it into an E Book, and give it out free.

It did occur to me that I should charge for it, but thinking back to when we started, I wasn’t in a position to pay for much information. So free it is.

Will you help?

I have a fond hope that it might be helpful to a lot of people, and may earn me a small amount of kudos in our blogging world. And for that reason I’ve decided to treat it like a product launch. If you would like to offer the “Case study: The blog that went from zero to a full time income in one year” free to your readers, please let me know in comments, and I’ll send you all the details.

Get your copy early

Subscribers to this blog will get their copies on Friday 29th January, and the “launch” to the general public, and hopefully your readers, will be on Monday 1st February. If you’re not already a subscriber here then please join the community now to get your early copy. The form is below.

Are you up for giving me a hand with this?

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