Blogging for Beginners - Free E-Book

If you’re new to blogging, or if you’re struggling with any of the basics of organising your life as a blogger, then you should download a free copy of my E-Book “Blogging for Beginners.”

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Compiled during my early months as a blogger, the book is 27 pages long and covers important topics in four key areas:

  • Planning your blog
  • Preparation for your blog
  • Managing your time as a blogger
  • Keeping going as a blogger

Within each category there are several articles, which cover things like:

  • Creating your blog’s brand
  • Setting objectives for your blog
  • Managing daily tasks
  • Creating a community
  • Writing your about page

The best news of all is that the book is completely free of charge to anyone who signs up for the Mike’s Life newsletter, so just put your first name and email address into the boxes below, and Blogging for Beginners will be in your inbox a few minutes from now:

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