The Brutal Truth about how many E Books you will sell

You're busy working on your first E Book, and you can't wait to bring it to market. Like most first timers, you're not going to have an affiliate scheme - you plan to go it alone and save the commission in order to keep the price sensible.


Here's what will happen:

Email List

You'll put it on sale to your email list first, as they're your real fans. If you're good, and you've really given them valuable extra stuff over the last few months, 15% of them will buy. If you just send your list an occasional email with blog updates, 10% will buy.

How many people have you got on your list? 500? So you'll sell 75 books in the first few days. Not bad, huh?

The Blog

What ever you call it (some call it a shop) somewhere on your blog, you'll have a sales page for your E Book. The page where people can actually hit a button that says "Buy!" or "Add to cart." How many you sell from there is directly proportional to how much traffic you get to that page. If you've written awesome sales copy, 3% may buy. If it's average, then 1% will buy.

How many people can you get to visit that page each week? For a guide, pick a decent post that's over a month old. Hell, be an optimist, and pick your very best post - the one that gets the most visits. Now find out how many people visit that each week.

How many is it? 100? If it is, then you can expect to sell one E Book a week! Even if your best post gets 500 visits a week, and you can achieve the same to your sales page, you're still only going to be selling 5 books a week. That's not so good, is it?

Look at it the other way around

You can safely assume that 1% of people you send to your sales page will buy. How many E Books do you need to sell a week to make some decent money? Let's guess that you're selling your book at $10, and that you want to earn $200 a week from it. You therefore need to sell 20 a week - and that means you have to get 2000 people to your sales page every week, or 285 a day.

How are you going to do that?

Look out for part two tomorrow. The RSS feed is to your right. Part Two: How to increase your chances of selling an E Book.

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