Buyers - It's Actually Your Job To Talk To Potential Suppliers

I’ve had an intensely frustrating time over the last few weeks. For a specific project, I’ve been trying to speak to or email some buyers in large companies.

And they are the hardest people in the world to get through to!


I’ve never done this before, so it might not even be a new phenomenon, but these guys seem to employ every trick in the book to avoid speaking to potential suppliers. And I simply don’t understand it!

Surely it’s their job to be contactable?

Surely it’s a major part of their role to be available to hear about new products?

How many fantastic opportunities to be first to market with some hot new product  are they squandering for their companies?

In several cases I’ve had to go through hoops to get an email address, and then suffer the ignominy of not even receiving a reply. In others, I’ve called so many times to find the buyer “not in today” that I frankly don’t actually believe that response any more.

It’s not that my expectations are unreasonable – I don’t expect them to place a massive order for the product I’m talking about, and I don’t even want more than a few minutes of their time, but I’m not even getting to that stage.

From a selfish point of view, it’s been a massive waste of my time, and from a global point of view think of the man hours wasted and the costs incurred if every person trying to bring a product to market suffers in the same way.

Are you the top dog at a company that employs buyers?

Please do me a favour – get a friend to try to get through to them to talk about a new product.  Don’t give them a name, ask them to call reception and try to get it – make them do the same job any potential new supplier has to do to start the process of doing business with your company.

And if they suffer they way I have, go and see your buyers and put a rocket up their backsides.

Because they aren't doing you or your business any favours.


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