Comment on other blogs!

Commenting on other blogs in your niche should be an essential part of your blog promotion strategy. Each comment exposes your name and brand to other bloggers, and gains you a precious link back to your own blog.


Community is at the heart of blogging, and commenting is at the heart of community. Your blog commenting strategy is vital to the success of your blog.

The metrics that matter if you are to be defined as a successful blogger are traffic and comments.


Leaving comments is a task you should diligently perform on a daily basis, following these rules:

  • Your comment should reflect that you have read and understood the post
  • You should *Add value* with your comments
  • Ideally pose questions to start a *Conversation*
  • Occasionally disagree but support your viewpoint with facts
  • Position yourself as an *authority* in the niche
  • Ultimately quantity is more important than quality

Leaving comments on a wide range of blogs is like leaving *mini resumes* all around the web. They should be treated like calling cards that you leave all around the blogosphere.


Draw up a list of 50 to 75 blogs in your niche to comment on. You should aim to always have the first comment on their posts - the first one is the most likely to be noticed. If your chosen blogs don't post often enough, then select generalist blogs like Mashable or Techcrunch for your daily quota.

Following this strategy, you should be spending 2 to 3 hours a day commenting on other blogs and building your community. Commenting on other blogs is vital to your success as a blogger. You'll never generate a decent income from blogging without focusing on it.

Wallowing in the dust..

Not commenting on other blogs will leave you wallowing in the dust of the true and worthy blogging elite.

Each comment will lead to an increase in traffic, an increase in comments on your own blog and an increase in your overall web presence.

Blogging is blogging, it's not business.

Focus on the blog.

Focus on comments.



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