Controlling Comment Spam on your Blog

As soon as your blog begins to attract traffic, as sure as night follows day, it will attract comment spam.


Because blogs are a rich target! Anyone can post comments and links to the site, blogs rank well in search and people click the links on them all the time.

What is Comment Spam?

It’s where a comment is posted for the express purpose of gaining a valuable link and directing some traffic to an unrelated site.

How is it done?

At a simple level, individuals carry out a search on a topic, find your site and post a comment and link to theirs. These can be quite hard to detect, as the comment can seem relevant, so often only by clicking on the link will you find out it’s spam. There are also spam “robots” which simply find sites and post rubbish and a link – these are easy to spot.

What’s the Scale of This?

It’s huge! Mike’s Life is only four months old, but in the last 72 days my spam blocker has rejected almost 12,000 spam messages! That’s over 160 a day – even if it only took me 10 seconds to remove each comment, that’s a full week’s work I would have done in that time.

What’s the Solution?

Fortunately the solution is simple. Get yourself a spam filter – there are several on the market, most available for all types of blog. The one is use is:



And it’s free! Mollom is nothing short of brilliant – it simply does it’s job, without any intrusion.

How Does Mollom Work?

  • Mollom analyses attempts to post content via comments, contact forms, blog posts etc (you decide what)
  • It then decides, based on simple parameters, if the attempt is “Spam” or “Ham”
  • If it’s unsure, Mollom will ask the poster to complete a screen capture (this is rare, about 2% of cases)
  • Good comments get posted, the rubbish doesn’t!
  • Mollom also provides you with a section on your blog to report comments that do slip through the net, although that has never happened to me
  • You also get detailed stats showing you what Mollom is doing for your site

What are the Overall Statistics?

  • Mollom is currently working with more than 7,000 websites
  • Only 5 in 10,000 spam attempts make it through Mollom
  • Almost 50 million Spam messages have been caught by the system since Mollom started!

How do I get it?

Mollom is available as a free download at their site.

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*shakes head* It's really

Stuart Conover's picture

*shakes head* It's really disgusting how badly the automated spammers hit bloggers. My personal blog (which isn't high traffic) gets quite a bit of spam. The blogs that I actually focus on? I can't even begin to complain about them. It obviously has to be successful with how persistent they are at tracking down commenting sections of blogs.

Stuart Conover's last blog post... TweetBots - Simple, Easy to Use Twitter-Bot Actions


Welcome Stuart! I see you're doing the 31 day challenge as well. Look forward to sharing ideas with you.



Sheryl Loch's picture

Hello Mike,
I have not heard of Mollom until now. I do have a spam catcher on my blog that seems to keep most of it down. I do not dare look at the numbers, that would just make me mad.

I watch my incoming search terms and many times can see the search query is that of a 'link builder'. If they have just used a tool to find targeted blogs and do write a comment that is of value, then I may publish it. What I find most times is that they just copy a sentence of your post, write something like "I agree", then leave keywords as their name. ARGH!

I do have moderated comments on my blog. I find it easier to catch them before published then to hunt all the garbage down later and delete.

If these people would use their time to actually do something productive they might be surprised at how far they got.

LOL! I got the Captcha!

ps. I found you at the 31DBBB.

Sheryl Loch's last blog post... Using Twitter to Find Target Customers

Good to see you here Sheryl,

Good to see you here Sheryl, and delighted to welcome another 31DBBB er. It will be interesting to see how we all get on in the future, once we've completed our 31 days.


I am going to try this one

Bryan Karl's picture

I am going to try this one Mike! Thanks for the suggestion about this tool!

Bryan Karl's last blog post... Manila, iBlog5 And Many More

Hmmm this is sad. I am on

Bryan Karl's picture

Hmmm this is sad. I am on Blogger. I just thought Mollom is for all platforms. Well, that's fine. Disqus is doing its job well though.

Bryan Karl's last blog post... Disqus Against Cyberstalkers


Sorry Bryan. It would be worth emailing Dries at Mollom to ask if he plans to offer it to Blogger users.


Spammers are morons

Mario's picture

I'm happy to have installed Akismet right from the start. How more my blog is rising, the more comment spam I receive. This spamfilter is very accurate and not very often he defines the good comments as spam, but this is better than the other way around anyway.

When will these spam morons understand that in most cases the blog comments are 'no follow' and that it has much more impact to success if you just genuine interested in adding value and commenting accordingly? Don't they understand that the sites they are (trying to)link to are hated by everybody right from the start?

However, I think it's commonsense here what separates the man from the boy, the woman from the girl, or if you like it better this way: the good ones from the bad ones.

Hey Mario. I agree with you

Hey Mario. I agree with you - they waste everyone's time!

I also gave up my Jaguar last year! Mine was an X type, not the big XJ.


Mike, are you happy with the savings on gasoline?

Mario's picture

Hi Mike,

This is a funny coincidence and in fact it's not funny at the first moment when you say goodbye to your cat. But do you, like me, enjoy the savings when you come back from the gas station?

I like talking to people with a similar fate, haha.

See you!

Fuel is cheap here!

To be honest Mario, I didn't get rid of the car to save on fuel costs - our fuel is 69 cents a liter here, and the island's small enough that mileages are low.

The car came as part of a business I bought, and I enjoyed smoking around in it for a while, but it was never really "me". So I sold it.

I'm more of a surf wagon type driver!


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