Day Five - Quiet and Trauma Free

Day five was a quiet day on all fronts. Being a Saturday, it meant that I didn’t have to run the gamut of phone calls about money owed, which is a blessed relief. We slept quite late, catching up from the previous days, then we headed into town to do shopping and various little chores which needed doing, before going to the hospital to visit our sick family member, who will be coming out on Monday or Tuesday.
I spent the evening working on this blog, mainly carrying out research via other sites. I discovered which is superb and learned a lot from that. One of the things they were suggesting was that I should use Technorati on the site, so I signed up and put their link on my blog, but if I’m honest I don’t really understand how it works! I will work it out and post in the other section about making money from a blog, once I understand the whole concept.
I also learned about other issues I need to tackle, like the lack of links to this site, and various other things.
I guess in summary it was a reading and research day, rather than an action day, but there’ll be more of the latter tomorrow.
In terms of state of mind, we’re usually OK on a Saturday and things seemed OK, helped by the fact that the weather is beautiful. On Sunday, the day gets a little more depressing as it goes on, because we know we are getting close to Monday, which is always a bad day with people chasing their money. I put a few Euros onto the lottery today, for the big draw tomorrow, but realise the odds are pretty poor – it’s crazy to spend money on that when you have none, but you can’t help hoping for a miracle.
Today we managed 12 visitors (one up from yesterday) but 81 page views, which is hugely up. But there were no earnings from ads or donations. I'm going to look into some sort of affiliation next to see if we can generate some income by selling something online. However, the real key to success is going to be in getting traffic up, so I must do some work in that area, and soon.
I think we might make it to Christmas without anyone forcing us to consider bankruptcy, but I really don’t know how long we can go after Christmas, unless something amazing happens. Keep your finger’s crossed for me.

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