Day Thirteen - A Good Day & Having Fun with Twitter

Day thirteen of this blog was a good day, and I have no complaints or moans to share with you!

Being a Sunday, the phone was quiet and I didn’t have to fend off any nasty calls or emails from disgruntled debtors.

Instead I focused on this blog and the other niche blog I’m going to launch in a month’s time. I got up at 6AM and worked my new plan of two hours work, with a break for something else, and it worked out really well for me. Each time I returned to my desk I did so refreshed and ready for more.

On one of the breaks some friends visited, and we knocked up a pleasant cold lunch for them. For a couple of hours we had a good talk about the old days and it felt good to socialize. One of the corollaries of being in financial trouble is that you tend to lose your social life – this is partly because you can’t afford to spend any money and partly because all you want to do is “hide” yourself away. Thankfully, these particular friends chose to come to us, and the cupboard wasn’t bare! We also seem to have the world’s greatest supply of alcohol this year, as so many people seem to have bought us booze for Christmas. At least it means I can afford to be generous for a while when people do drop in.

In the afternoon I slow cooked some brisket in beer, which I served with roast potatoes and we had a wonderful family meal. Isn’t it funny how the cheapest cuts of meat are by far the tastiest, as long as they have a good long cooking time.

I had a bit of fun on Twitter where I searched for and found some old friends and some celebrities as well. Twitter definitely brings traffic to this site – I made a point of posting a link on Twitter via a “Tweet” each time I added a new post, and I could see the traffic it brought me in real time. You have to be sensible though – if that’s all you do, you will soon annoy your followers – it’s essential to remember that it’s a social networking site, so you need to be sociable as well.
I’m still coming to terms with Twitter and will post a detailed article about it once I have mastered it. In the meantime, if you use Twitter, please follow me

So, with several pieces written and a fun and food filled day, I hit the sack feeling good. Tomorrow is Monday, so the pain will start again, but I’m ready for it!

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