Digital Marketing Guide 2013

There are few aspects of the online world evolving as fast as digital marketing, as we saw time and time again in 2012. Last year seemingly moved at a frantic pace, with the march of the mobile devices changing the way that marketing professionals approached their online campaigns, as well as the spread of video across the digital marketing sphere. With the advent of a new year, interested parties are wanting to know what will be the big areas of innovation and consolidation over the next 12 months.


Video set to open more eyes

It should come as no surprise that video marketing will build upon the successes of 2012 – the biggest year for the format yet – thanks to better technology making it possible to make professional looking videos cheaper and more easily. Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) has said that "the sheer cost of video production has come down to a point where there are no barriers to entry," adding that this is the reason it is currently the sixth most popular element of a digital marketing campaign. With more people owning video-ready mobile devices than ever before and YouTube remaining one of the most popular websites, the video explosion of 2013 is a no-brainer.

Bigger budgets and more agencies

With online marketing outpacing more traditional forms throughout 2012, this year will see more companies recognising its unique potential and releasing more funds to it – the most recent CMI survey found that 54% of marketers were planning to increase spending on digital content in 2013. With its position in the mass market ensured, digital marketing agencies will spring up at a rapid rate, although the established agencies with their base of expertise already established will still be the places to go for reliable and effective digital marketing strategies. The rest of the market will comprise of single owner-operator outfits and consultants.

The personal touch

Just enough room to mention the trend towards increased personalisation in 2013. Most good commercial sites place great emphasis on user experience, and this is set to increase over the next year, with sites and services offering visitors the chance to personalise their experience using either cookies, special logins or preferences on the site itself.

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