Eight Habits of a Successful Blogger



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1/ Posting Consistently. It doesn’t matter if your schedule is to post every day, or twice a week, as long as you remain consistent. Your readers will get into a rhythm and expect your posts.

2/ Managing Time Effectively. Blogging has a remarkable way of filling every hour available to the blogger. But we are all limited in some way – many of us have other jobs for example. So the effective blogger will make sure that the time available counts in producing effective action.

3/ Investing in Learning. The internet is such a fast moving environment that even the most successful bloggers are learning all the time. Each course or product you choose to buy should give you 2 or 3 things you will do differently that will create a gradual improvement.

4/ Using Tools to Streamline Processes. Tools like Livewriter, Gmail and Jing video capture can greatly improve your productivity, freeing up time to do the important stuff.

5/ Being Generous. Great bloggers give their time to other people, share their advice and free content with a large audience. Successful bloggers know that giving almost always gets back.

6/ Staying informed. Top bloggers know what their blogging colleagues are doing, know where the industry is headed, and have a good overview of world events. This habit helps inform your own writing and with social media interactions.

7/ Interacting Socially. You have to be able to master the skills of using social media to make it as a blogger now. Those skills include many of the above, but most importantly “giving” more than “selling.”

8/ Maintaining Persistent Focus. If you read the top blogs (and you should do!) you will see that day after day, year after year, the people running them provide great posts, consistently focused on their topic and consistently adding value to the whole blog. They don’t wander off down alleys, or constantly change direction.

I can think of at least a dozen more, can you? If so, let me know in comments – let’s start a debate going here.

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