Four steps to blogging success in 2010

If you’re planning to generate a decent income from your blog in 2010, then this post may be for you. I see it as a simple four step process:

Get a copy of Beyond Blogging


Yes I know that’s blatant self promotion, but the book launches in 24 hours, and it not only has the stories of the successes and failures of the world’s best bloggers, but it also comes with a workbook you can use to set your own objectives, based on what you will learn from the main book. I see it as an essential for anyone serious about blogging.

Write some challenging objectives


I wrote about writing objectives here, and shared mine with you here. Get them done now – you want to hit the new year clearly knowing what you want to achieve in 2010. And remember to review them every day – just having them in mind will inform everything you do on a daily basis.

Prepare yourself to work like a dog for a year


How many people are out there right now, sitting at their computers, planning how they are going to earn money from blogging next year? Millions! But only a few hundred will be doing the same this time next year. If you want to be one of them, you need to prepare yourself mentally and physically for some serious hard work. If there is one lesson I learned from writing Beyond Blogging, it was this: Nobody ever, ever became a successful professional blogger without working like a dog in the early phase of their blogging.

Explain everything to your partner and family so they understand

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I wrote about the importance of this here, and it went on to become my most successful post. I don’t believe you can make it as a blogger without support from your family. At the very least they need to understand why you’re always at the PC. Take some time out to explain your objectives, what you are trying to do, and the benefits the whole family will get when you succeed.  It’s so important – let them see your roadmap and do it now.

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