Getting Comments on Your Blog

Have you ever visited a blog post with no comments on it? Like a ghost town, huh?

But why do we need comments?

  • It creates a community for our readers
  • It balances our own messages and arguments
  • It can often add so much useful information to a debate
  • It helps fellow bloggers get links onto our site
  • It helps us to target future writing towards what our readers actually want


So how do we do it?

  • The easiest way of all is just to ask! Ask a question at the end of the post, or ask for feedback on what you’ve said!
  • Build questions into the body of the text as well, particularly if you aren’t sure of a point
  • Leave some stuff out! If you cover a topic from top to bottom you don’t leave room for people to add to it
  • Add a bit of controversy – this will have the comments flying!

What do we do with them?

  • Answer any questions
  • Don’t get into an argument – accept negative comments, they happen
  • Thank people for making the time to comment and interact
  • Monitor and police the comments to keep spam out
  • Ask some more questions on comments to keep the debate going
  • Have a look at commentator’s sites to see if you have anything to add to their posts

What do you think? Why not put a link into comments below to your most commented upon post?

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