How to get benefit from the posts that are really popular on your blog

Most blogs have a list of their most popular posts in the sidebar, or somewhere else on display. And even if you don't tell the world about them, you should be aware of what's attracting the interest of your readers.


But there's a problem with these most popular posts lists. First of all they favour stuff that's been on your site for a long time, and secondly they become self fulfilling - new people click them because they're popular!

For those reasons, it doesn't really provide you with a snapshot for what's useful to your readers right now.

I prefer to look at what posts are getting the most search traffic. That tells me what readers are interested in at the moment. You can get this information from your analytics system - I use Performancing Metrics.

In my case I can tell you that the posts that have had the most search traffic in the past 30 days are:

One about getting and using Google Voice in Europe

Two about Clickbank

One about getting a mentor

So what can I do with the information? Here are some ideas:

Write some more about them

These topics are hot right now, so it makes sense to revisit the posts and see if I can write some more, with a different slant, or adding to the original. And linking back to the first post will strengthen the SEO as well.

Create a free product

I could create a free E Book on any of these, offering much more comprehensive information than in the original post. It would make a useful bribe to get people to join my email list.

Create a paid product

People are obviously in need of information on these topics, right now. So how about a detailed E Book or course on how to use Clickbank effectively?

Monetize the posts

Look at the individual posts that are popular, and see if there's a way you can earn from it - perhaps by selling an affiliate product. My Google Voice post talks about using a VPN to make it work in Europe, so I added an affiliate link to a VPN service to it. It doesn't earn a fortune, but it's been bringing in a steady income week after week.

Optimize the posts

Link to other, similar stuff within the post. If you're attracting search traffic on the topic, then give those people a reason to stick around and see more of your site. Also give them other places on the site they should visit, and make sure it's clear they should sign up for your email list or RSS feed.

What would you add to this? Is this something you check regularly?

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