How to increase your chances of selling an E Book

In yesterday's post I caused some consternation by giving you the brutal truth about how many E Books you will really sell.


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The bottom line is that you'll get a decent flurry from your email list - and if you don't have a proper email list you can send autoresponders to, then you need one. Aweber (aff) currently has an offer where you can try the service for a month for $1, so go and check it out now.

We also learned that in terms of on-going sales, we're wholly dependent on the amount of traffic we can drive to the sales page for the product.

So today we're going to talk about different ways to do that:

Affiliate program

This is the classic method method many bloggers choose. By asking other people to offer your product and incentivising them with a commission, you tap into their audiences - the bigger their audience, the more people they will send to your sales page, and the more sales you will make.

This impacts pricing though, as the commission has to be high enough to make it worth their while.

It's easy and cheap to set up an affiliate scheme through E Junkie, which will work well for people you select and recruit. It's more expensive through Clickbank, but your product will then be placed into their market place, and if a big marketer picks it up, you can earn a lot of money.

Internal links

Once your sales page is up, you need to go back through all your posts, and place internal links to it wherever the topic is related. The more links you get, with good anchor text, the more traffic you'll get to the sales page.

Review copies

One option is to give away free review copies of your E Book to other bloggers, in return for them writing a review. This can be combined with using an affiliate program, but many will do it and provide the link simply in return for the free product.

Article submission

You can write articles on Hub Pages or E Zine summarising key aspects or passages from your book, and then link them back to your sales page. This can be quite effective, especially if one of the posts starts to attract good search traffic.

Buying or swapping adverts

Create a decent, professional graphic and then find other bloggers offering non-competing products. Contact them and offer a banner swap. Or check out what they charge to advertise on their sites. If their audience is a good prospect for your product, and advert could pay off.

Buying Adwords

A PPC (pay per click) campaign can be effective, especially if the topic is not too competitive. Check out the likely search terms used and invest a little in seeing how much traffic you can push to your sales page.

These are the strategies I have tried and tested, and they all work. Ideally, you should aim for a combination of all of them. Just realise that the work isn't over when your book is on the shelves - that's the time to really start promoting it wherever you can, and by consistently doing all of the above, over and over again, you'll gradually send more and more traffic to your sales page as it gains in traction across the web.

What would you add to this list?

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