I Really should go to the Ad:Tech Conference

I love living on my little desert island called Lanzarote in The Atlantic Ocean. And I especially love the fact that I can run my blogging business from here! But there’s one big drawback. You see, 80% of my audience is in The United States and all the “action” related to my niche, which is to help other bloggers earn a long term sustainable income from blogging, is also in the US.


Living here means any trip to attend a conference, and to hang out with Schoemaker, Chow or Brogan becomes a very expensive affair, involving ferries, and two or sometimes three flights. It means I have to budget well ahead for any kind of trip. Next year I’ve planned one, but it’s a budget buster!

I would have loved to have attended Ad:Tech for example. The keynote speakers are fellow Brit Sir Martin Sorrell from WPP, Jimmy Wales from Wikipedia and Jonathan Miller from News Corporation. But that’s not all! There’s also a conference within a conference called “Content Revenue Strategies” where people like Jeremy Schoemaker, Jonathan Bellack from Google, Dave Jacobs from AOL and Will Martin-Gill from eBay will be talking about content revenue strategies for small to medium publishers. That’s exactly the target market for our community on this blog! I was distraught when I read about this conference, because it’s one I should really attend so that I can share the ideas and strategies that are bound to come from it. But sadly, it’s outside the budget we set aside for these things, so I dismissed it as a “maybe next year.”

Then I was thrown a lifeline! I read on the Shoemoney blog today that he has arranged, along with the organizers, for a spectacular prize for one reader of his blog. It’s a three part prize:

  • A full conference pass to both Ad:Tech and CRS worth $1600
  • Contribution to travel and hotels of $1400
  • And lunch with Jeremy himself!


To win the prize, I need to write a blog post explaining the reasons why I should win it, and in case you haven’t guessed, this is it!

I truly believe the Mike’s Life community will benefit greatly if I win this prize and I can take what I learn from the conference and spread the word to all of you, and the added bonus is that Jeremy will be able to enjoy lunch with Mike CJ!

What do you think? Should I win?

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