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I’ve been a writer for many years and I have written in many disciplines. Like most writers, I’m also a voracious reader, so discovering blogging has fulfilled both passions to an extent I would never have thought possible.

I came into blogging with the certainty that my superior writing skills, honed over many years, would soon allow me to become a bit of a star in the field. After all, most bloggers can’t write, and are more interested in earning a dollar than delivering interesting content, right?

How wrong was I? Day in, day out, I get some stunning stuff delivered for free into my RSS Feeder. I have been staggered at the quality of some of the writing out there. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve got angry and I’ve had my thinking turned upside down.

Mike’s Life Post of The Week

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It has been a total revelation to me, and I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. So I’ve decided to write a weekly post simply providing a brief summary of the 12 blog posts each week that I consider to be the best, with a brief synopsis of each. My criteria for choosing each will be totally subjective, and my choice alone, but some of the things that may make me select a given post are:

  • Simply great writing
  • Something that creates strong emotions in me
  • A post that is so bad, it’s actually quite good!
  • A piece with stunningly useful content
  • An article that “stops me in my tracks”
  • Incredible use of photos / audio or video
  • A totally new take on a subject

Here’s How It Will Work

  • Every week I’ll shortlist all the posts I read that I really like
  • Every Friday I’ll whittle that list down to the best 12
  • Then I’ll write a post on this blog with the synopsis and the links
  • I’ll contact each of the writers and let them know they’re on the list
  • If they choose to they can then attach a small POW logo to the post on their blogs

Where Does This Go From Here?

  • I hope to develop the Mike’s Life POW as something bloggers strive to earn
  • I hope it will do something to recognize the extraordinary talent of some of our colleagues
  • I aim to have an annual get together for the winners, where each winner votes for a post of the year
  • I’d like this to hit the mainstream media and so create a bigger audience for these great bloggers

How Can You Get Involved?

  • If you’d like your writing to be considered then contact me on Twitter @mikecj and I’ll add your RSS feed
  • If you wish to recommend a friend or a particular post then please do the same
  • Sign up on this site, or to my RSS feed so you get the weekly post

I hope you’ll join with me to make this a success – tomorrow is the first post, and there are some real crackers in there!

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