Mike's Life POW - 12th December 2009

Here we go for my posts of the week this week:

101 Motivational Business Quotes

by Neil Patel on Quicksprout

A great list to keep coming back to. But please promise me not to recycle them on Twitter for weeks!


Are you a BAD blogger

by Robert Bravery on Integral web Solutions

Hilarious post about BAD – Blog addiction disorder. And I suspect most of us suffer to some extent!


How to show Feedburner subscription and Twitter follower counts on your blog

by Zemalf on Zemalf

One of those super useful posts that explain in easy steps how to do something that isnt……well, easy!


World brand building mistakes France’s entrepreneurs make

by Robert Scoble on Scobleizer

Slightly whiny (sorry Robert) but important post which might help European entrepreneurs understand why they are missing the boat at the moment.


How to bounce back

by Penelope Trunk on Penelope Trunk

She’s been dumped by the farmer, and we’re privy to her thoughts and feelings as Penelope tries to get herself back on track. So, personal – so compelling.


Trying to understand squeeze pages, trial one

by Mitch on I’m just sharing

Great example of community in action. Mitch appeals to his readers for some help, and they respond. In spades.


Thinking about honesty in blogging

by Chris on Geek-Speak

Chris tells us about how he handled a moral dilemma when a product he recommended caused some problems. I thought he did well, what do you think?


My Business wish list for 2010

by Chris Brogan on Chris Brogan

Great variation on the usual “My objectives for next year” type post. Just Chris chatting and sharing his hopes with us.


Those are mine – would you add any?

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