Mike's Life POW 13th March 2009

Welcome once again to my posts of the week. This week seven have made the cut, which is a little disappointing. We seem to be going through a fallow period on the blogs I read – maybe you know some good ones I should be reading? If so please let me know in comments and I’ll add them to my RSS feed.

Here we go with my favorite posts this week:


How to work less and earn more

By Yaro Starak on entrepreneursjourney

Long piece from Yaro, written as well as ever, which does what it says in the title.


Open letter to the newly unemployed

By David Risley on davidrisley

Typicalle direct post from David, suggesting that the newly unemployed might like to consider the benefits of starting a blog while drawing their unemployment benefits.


The value of each viewer/user/customer is NOT the same

By Gary Vaynerchuk on garyvaynerchuk

This guy is so passionate he can make you squirm! A really important message for marketers everywhere.


When women get power at work, do they use it like men do?

By Penelope Trunk on penelopetrunk

I found this blog via Twitter, and it’s brilliant! Kind of Sex in the City with brains!


Kindle in the wind

By Eliot on flopidle

The title alone warrants a place on POW, but the content is useful too. The Amazon Kindle is going to be huge in 2009 and Eliot talks about future trends and includes a link to a useful piece about publishing for Kindle.


Memory cards that can upload videos online via WiFi

By admin on divephotoguide

Not a scintillating post, but it broke some fantastic news of an incredible new product.


Platform thinking in personal branding

By Chris Brogan on chrisbrogan

Chris just seems to pump up post after post of stimulating, useful and interesting writing. We’ve had a load of posts in the last few weeks about branding, but Brogan’s is the clearest and best for me.

That’s it for this week, but while you’re here, please have a look at a couple of my posts from this week, they’re just below!

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Thanks for the shout out!

Penelope Trunk's picture

Hi, Mike. Thanks for linking to my blog. I'm happy to hear you like it :)
And, love the shout out for my Twitter feed. I'm so enthralled with twitter and I feel lucky that people are reading it!


Thanks for stopping by

Thanks for stopping by Penelope. I love Twitter too, but not as much as I love your blog at the moment!


List of posts

Andrew's picture


Thanks for the list of posts above.

David's discussion is a timely one for those who are facing the prospect of unemployment, and I love the Penelope's story - it seems she has the style with the younger guys!

I haven't had a look at the others yet, but will certainly do so if I get the chance.

Welcome to Mike's Life Andrew

Thanks for the comment. I've been over to your blog and South Korea looks interesting. I've added it to me feed, so maybe we'll see some of your stuff on POW.

Happy writing!


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