Mike's Life POW 17th April 2009

I have a dream with POW – it may be a stretch, but I’ll share it with you. In my dream POW becomes the “Oscars” of blogging.  In my dream, the great bloggers will all strive to have their posts selected for POW. In my dream there will be a once a year ceremony in a cool city somewhere, which will be covered by national media and live Tweeted. In my dream all the weekly winners will pick the overall winner for POY, or post of the year. In my dream Gary Vaynerchuk will be the MC. In my dream, I’ll be up on stage handing the winner’s trophy to a Chris Brogan or a Darren Rowse. In my dream…………….

Here are this week’s posts of the week, as always selected by me using no algorithms or automation:

itranslate versus Organizer

by Christine & Hattie on appsandhats

These two are totally crazy. But, it’s a great format for reviewing the latest iPhone apps, and this week’s choice shows a terrific new app that should do well. Which one? Vote and see for yourself!



by Elliot on flopidle

This just stopped me in my tracks. To get the story you need to read Elliot’s next post.


For the next seven days stop trying to get new readers

by Skellie on skelliewag

A great example of the WTF? post. It brought me up short, then lead me to the “Ah, OK I understand now” point and finally to the “I’m going to do that” conclusion.


Social media starter for tourism

by Chris Brogan on chrisbrogan

I know, he’s on here again. Sorry, he’s just very, very good at this. And this is a masterpiece even by his standards. In a few hundred words he gives a total social media blueprint for the tourism industry. It’s simply brilliant!


Social media and SEO – five essential steps

by Lee Odden on mashable

I enjoy Mashable, and their output is prodigious, but much of what I read there passes me by without much effort on my part. This post is a cracker though, and provides the reader with an excellent roadmap using social media as part of your SEO strategy.


Marketing your website without search engines

by Maki on doshdosh

As usual, a very long post, but it made me realize how easy it is to become reliant on search traffic, and offers suggestions as to how to get traffic, which may well be more valuable, in other ways.


I hate David Dellifield. The one from Ada, Ohio

by Penelope Trunk on penelopetrunk

I love a bit of controversy! You have to read this, then read all the comments. Get a coffee first, there are over 300! And to think the whole thing was sparked off by two Tweets!


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