Mike's Life POW 27th February 2009

Welcome to Mike’s Life posts of the week. As always these are from my RSS feeder and my decision to choose them has been totally subjective and mine alone. The posts are in no order.

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Interview with an Entrepreneur

By T on poverty101.net

A great example of using something that happened to the writer in everyday life, and turning it into a message. But it avoids the pitfall of laboring the point. Produces great imagery for me.


The Definitive Guide to Achieving Your Dreams

by Glen on pluginid

Deep and thoughtful article extolling the virtue of visualization as a method to achieving success, with many other good pointers.


Why I Quit Qwitter

by Christine on mynonlinear

Thoughtful post reflecting Christine’s changing views about Twitter over time as she comes to terms with the best way to make use of the service


Yanik Silver Underground Event

by Michael Dunlop on retireat21

Just a great story! Michael is such a young guy to have been able to travel to the event, and his enthusiasm comes through in the post. He’s really quite focused on his future in the industry.


Customer Service as Taught by My Nine year old Best Friend

by Jamie Harrop on youngentrepreneur

Another young blogger writing with some real authority. The story applies lessons learned as a kid to doing great business and giving excellent customer service.


Quick Start Guide to Making Money Online

by David Risley on davidrisley

David Risley is carving a niche for himself as a terrific no nonsense, no bullshit writer. There may be a million similar posts in the blogosphere, but this one cuts to the key points effortlessly.


There’s Always a New Kind of Shit to Deal With

by Catherine Lawson on cathlawson

Shockingly personal and thought provoking post. One that stopped me dead.


Is Your Tribe Holding you Down?

by Sonia Simone on copyblogger

Brilliant post, managing to be both controversial and amusing at the same time. It sparked a huge comments debate which was as interesting as the original post.


How to Dominate Your Niche

by Brian Clark on copyblogger

This goes so much deeper into the niche (!) than most of the writing on this topic. As always with Brian, fabulous writing – I read his stuff even when the topic doesn’t interest me.


Visa Black Card Unboxing

by Jeremy Schoemaker on shoemoney

This will appeal to the tiny part of you that wishes you could develop more of a “Fuck you” attitude to the rest of the world. Jeremy has that attitude in spades, and you can see it all through this video, from the fact the he didn’t reshoot when he couldn’t open the box, to the final words he says to camera.


How to Master the Inner Game of Business and Life

by Yaro Starak on entrepreneurs-journey

Long post and you may need to read it twice, but as usual you’ll find yourself nodding at the points Yaro makes. I especially love the conversation he has with his own “awareness”.


The Panhandler’s Secret

by Seth Godin on sethsblog

Classic Seth – short, spare, nothing wasted, but you end up thinking about the post for hours.


That’s it! What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with any of my choices? Please let me know in comments.

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