Mike's Life POW 4th September 2009

Here are my favorites from this week:


When not to call your Spanish wife a whore

By Ben Curtis on Notes from Spain

This post beautifully sums up the vagaries of being a foreigner who does speak Spanish, living in Spain. I have suffered so many times from situations like this, that it was wonderful therapy to learn that I am not alone.


How I explained it all to my young children

By Chris on Chiari Blog

Chris’ blog is aimed at people who suffer from Chiari syndrome – the blog will tell you what that is. But this is a general interest post that tells us how he explained his illness to his kids. A little controversial in that he wasn’t completely honest with them, but he has been with us.


Business, blogging and broken windows

By Chris Guillebeau on The Art of Non conformity

I’ve been a little disappointed with Chris’ stuff lately, but this one proves you can’t keep a good blogger down. It’s a great post and uses a brilliant analogy relating to broken windows.


Direct versus paid traffic

By Patrick on Chef Patrick

Quirky little post from Patrick, who is the domain man, on buying a great URL and then putting a value on the traffic. I’m not totally sure on the conclusion, but then neither is he! What do you think?


The building blocks of social media for business

By Chris Brogan on Chris Brogan

I am fed up with Chris Brogan. Just when I think I’ve got away without having a POW from him for a whole week, he slips a barnstorming post onto his blog. Awesome blogger, now a best selling author as well – I could grow to hate him, if only he wasn’t such a damned nice guy. This one’s a must read for anyone talking to businesses about social media.


That’s it, only five made the cut this week, but they’re all good ones! Three things more:

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