Mike's Life POW 6th March 2009

Oh dear! I had a dilemma this week, as there seems to have been a shortage of really good posts coming through my RSS. The question was whether to lower the standard for a post to become a Mike’s Life Post of the Week in order to offer the usual 12, or whether to simply choose the ones that I feel should be POW’s.

I went for the latter, and therefore you will find only seven posts in this edition. I’ve still got a little capacity to take on some more reads, so if you would like me to read your posts, please contact me and let me know your RSS feed.

Without further ado, here are this weeks Posts of the Week:


How to expand your blog audience when traffic plateaus

By Darren Rowse on problogger

This particularly appealed to me, as I guess I’m heading to this point fast. As always with Darren’s writing, it’s clear, it’s easy to follow and I came away from it with an action plan. Great teacher.


How much real estate do you own?

By Nathan Hangen on nathanhangen

Fascinating piece suggesting that we should view our internet “possessions” as the real estate of the future. So should we really own all versions of our name as domains? Should we own our own You Tube channel? Will, as Nathan asserts, this property go up in future value? Made me think, and I’m still not decided.


First five sales

By Elliot on flopidle

Terrific post, full of the exuberance any blogger feels when their first sales campaign of an “own product” starts to work.


$30K Month: Success

By Robert Plank on robertplank

The other end of the scale here. This blogger is really hitting some high numbers. I like the post as it’s very matter of fact, and somewhat cool about the success. He obviously expected to hit his objective, and he did!


Building complimentary services: A powerful long term social media marketing strategy

By Maki on doshdosh

Typically thoughtful and well thought out piece from Maki. Finally something about Twitter that doesn’t major on rules for following, or ways to get more followers.


Madrid – this feels good

By J P Holecka on jaypiddy

Biased as Madrid is my home city now, but JP writes really well about it, and the whole concept of taking his family to see the Spain he remembers from his own youthful travels is a brilliant use of the blogging medium. Great photos too!


Video: Baby blue whale

By Jason Heller on divephotoguide

Fantastic video short from National Geographic showing a very rare baby blue whale.


What do you think you these? Would you have picked them? Let me know in comments.

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