Should you upgrade to Windows 7?

All the technical blogs have been running stories for some time about the recent launch of Windows 7. Microsoft have been running a launch party campaign, and Apple have even got in on the act with a spoiler:


This isn’t a technical review – you know by now that I’m not that technical. But I have been running 7 since the RC back in the Spring. And I have to tell you it’s good. So good, that it even managed to dissipate my yearning for a Mac!

As someone running several blogs, my computer takes a real trashing, day in and day out. I’m not that interested in the shiny parts of an operating system. I never use Aero Windows, I don’t bother to mess around with pretty screen backgrounds or savers. Here’s what I want:

  • A fast boot up
  • Stability from crashes – the single most important one for me
  • Easy navigation with multiple windows and tabs
  • The ability to plug in almost any piece of external hardware and for the PC to get it working
  • Compatibility with the numerous little programs you download every week to make life easier

And you know what? That’s it! So how has it been? In a word, brilliant!

Seven Logo

After the disaster that was Vista, I switched to 7 with some trepidation, but I haven’t looked back once.

  • Boot up time for my heavily laden PC is faster than making my morning coffee
  • I have not had one single crash in six months. Can you believe that? Not one!
  • The taskbar works beautifully to let me flick effortlessly from browser to folders to Tweetdeck
  • I’ve only ever once not been able to plug and play, and that was with a very old printer
  • Everything I’ve downloaded that claims Vista compatibility has worked

In short, for this hard working blogger, Windows 7 has been a revelation. Should you upgrade to Windows 7? Yes, unequivocally!

What are your thoughts?

Disclosure: Microsoft did give me a free copy to test, but I will have to upgrade and pay soon. There are no affiliate links in this post.

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