Two Things That Will Help You Focus And Concentrate Better At Work

Up at 6AM, at the computer by 6.15, plenty to do, coffee on desk.

8AM Struggling to think of a title for this post, try another coffee.

10AM This piece of design just isn’t working out for me. Need food maybe. What’s quick? That little cake will do.

Noon Made a mistake on that car hire reservation. Drat, it will take four emails to sort the mess out. Quick cup of tea.

2PM I’ll just finish this chapter on the book, then get some food. Another coffee for now.

3PM That took longer than planned, just couldn’t seem to find the right words. Food time. What’s quick? Packet of crisps and some biscuits.

5PM I’ve spent that last hour surfing, what a waste of time, and there’s so much to do………


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Do you find yourself losing concentration and focus, and making mistakes?

If you’re a writer like me, I bet you’ve had days like the one described above.

There may be a simple solution. Two things you can easily change, that will make a huge difference to you.

1/ Watch your hydration

2/ Control your blood sugar level

I’ve discovered this by accident – I’m triathlon training at the moment, and I’m having to watch both of those carefully. Since I started training, my concentration and ability to focus on a task has improved hugely, and I’d put that down to fitness. But on reflection, I’m almost certain it’s because I’m eating well, at regular intervals, and I’m drinking loads of water.


If you’re thirsty, it’s often too late – you could already be dehydrated. Even mild dehydration can result in irritability, tiredness, headaches and an inability to concentrate. Less than 1% bodyweight dehydration begins to affect motor co-ordination. Mistyping? Maybe that’s why?

The solution is so simple – keep drinking water! Have a large glass of water on your desk and just keep sipping.  I currently need 4 liters of water per day to match my weight and exercise level.  You can calculate what you need here: Water Calculator


Low blood sugar directly affects the brain, as it needs glucose to function. Symptoms are very similar to dehydration. Gorging on sweet food at irregular intervals exacerbates the problem, by causing a short term spike then a corresponding deep fall. Decision making is affected first, and then rationality starts to go out of the window. Ever got ridiculously angry about something that’s not really that important? I know I have.

Again, the solution is obvious. Eat well, eat regularly, and plan your meals ahead of time – don’t wait until you’re so hungry you just need something quickly – that’s exactly when you crave a sugar fix or end up overdosing on carbs.

You know it makes sense.

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