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Is Facebook Going To Start Charging People To Use The Service?

I did a little informal research on this, using my own Facebook profile. I asked people “If Facebook starts to charge for using the service, would you pay?” I was quite surprised at the vehemence of the answers, with more than 90% saying emphatically they would not and suggesting they would leave the service if it became chargeable.


Next, I told people that Facebook are planning to start running 15 second video adverts in their timelines (they are), and in this case the response was again strongly negative – “Then it will be time for me to say goodbye” was how one friend put it.

I find this interesting.

Facebook is a service that:  read more »

  • Allows us to stay in touch with our friends and family like never before
  • Upload as many images and videos as we want

You Know That "Big Project" You've Been Planning To Start For Ages?

We’ve all got them! A couple of mine recently have been:


1/ Get my scooter running again.

2/ Paint an 80 Metre long garden wall.

The problem with these big projects is that they have a lot of elements. So you end up thinking through all the bits you need to do and never actually get started. Or you can’t start because you don’t have what you need to do the first part of the job.

The wall is a good example.  I had some spare time yesterday, and plenty of energy, and I could easily have started work on that project.  read more »

The Tools I use Every Day

I always enjoy reading about how other people work – the time saving shortcuts they have found and the cool software they use.


So I though it may interest you if I share how I go about my daily work and maintain a productive flow around writing, using social media and doing all the other things you need to do when running a small business. Many of these have free versions, but in most cases I pay for the pro version. I learned a long time ago, that it’s worthwhile investing in tools to make me more efficient – my time is worth a lot to me, both financially and emotionally.

The Cloud – Google Drive  read more »

Every Business Is Now A Digital Business

There’s a fallacy that some kinds of businesses don’t need to be “on-line.” That somehow, people are prepared to pick up a magazine or a newspaper, or even call them to find out a little more about their product or service.


Don’t believe it!

You have a bar or a restaurant? Somebody wants to know what time you open!

You run a gardening business? Someone wants to see pictures of how you trim hedges!

You’re a freelance car mechanic? I want to know if you have the equipment to “read” my car’s computer!  read more »

Losing Weight - Forever Living Meal Replacement Shakes

No, this is not an advert.

No, I am not a Forever Living distributor.

Yes I paid for the product.


It’s simply something I used to good effect and that I thought I’d write about.

I wanted to lose some weight, but I had to balance that with the fact that I’m working about 60 hours a week at the moment, and that I’m heavily into triathlon training, so I looked around at products that might provide me with the high levels of energy I need and still allow me to lose some of my excess.  read more »

Do You Really Want To Guest Post For Us?

Guest post opportunity



I love your blog xxxx.com and I’ve really enjoyed reading the articles on there. I think you provide really valuable content for your readers.

I write on similar blogs on topics that I know your readers will enjoy. I would love to contribute to your site, with a unique article of my own, completely free of charge to you. All I ask for is a link back to one of the other sites I work for.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Best wishes

xxx”  read more »

We're Doing Ironman Lanzarote in 2014

I enjoyed taking photos of The Lanzarote Wine Run yesterday, but it was interesting that Julie and I kept running into people who were saying “So you’re doing Ironman next year, then?”

One of those people was race director Kenneth Gasque, and he promised to fulfil one of my ambitions, which is for him to hand me a Havana Cigar, along with my finishers medal, next May. I hope to be the first finisher photographed crossing the line and lighting a cigar!

Mike  read more »

How To Advertise Your Business

I’ve had some fun lately looking at adverts all over the place, and there are some real howlers out there:

  • Some where you can’t actually work out what the company does
  • Others where they have used a tiny space to cram in thousands of words
  • Several full of cliches “No job too big or too small”
  • And others that look as though they have been designed on an Etch a Sketch


And yet an advertisement, small or large, only really has to fulfil three things:

It has to tell me what you do  read more »

Where's The Passion in your business?

Have a look at this video, I love it!

The guy is clearly passionate about his work, and he’s become famous online as a result of his passion.

Are you passionate about your business? Do you pass that passion on to your employees? Do you give them the freedom and the empowerment to bring their passion to their work?

Or are they hemmed in by rules and regulations, too afraid of making a mistake to be anything other than bland?

We were out later than planned last night and realised we’d be home too late to get dinner, so we stopped at a commercial centre to grab some fast food. The plan was to have nothing more than an urgent food stop and get going.  read more »

Has Mobile Technology Changed The Way We Blog?

I have no doubt that mobile phones are the future of communication technology.


I have been using a mobile phone since the late 80’s and with the sudden speed up in increased multimedia capabilities and gaming features in smart phones; I am sold on the idea that the future looks mobile.  read more »

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