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A Blueprint For Paid Content On A Blog

Bloggers have been wrestling with how to get paid for their work since the term was first coined. Most “professional” bloggers earn their money from a mixture of selling their own products, selling advertising on their sites and through offering affiliate products for a commission.

But there’s another way, and one which we’ve been shown by our predecessors in peddling information – the magazines and newspapers.


Creating “Paywalls”

Broadly speaking, people reading your blog fall into three categories:  read more »

Earning An Income From Your Blog - Back To Basics

I avoided using the term “Monetizing” because it’s not one I like, but that’s what we’re talking about here.

Let’s dispel a myth – you can’t actually earn money from a blog! Nobody, apart from your mother, will pay you to read what you write online.


But you can earn an income by using your blog as a marketing platform to sell:

  • Your own stuff
  • Other people’s stuff
  • Advertising

It’s all about audience, and that’s where good writing comes in and with it the skill to build and nurture a large audience.  read more »

On "Friends"

This is a guest post from Sue Almond. Her connection with me is explained in the post, and when I read it, I felt I wanted to add my own viewpoint. Social media has been an extraordinary revolution in the way we all communicate, and it has enabled so many of us to dramatically increase the number of friends we have around the world. Many people think these are superficial friendships, and of course the vast majority of them are just that. But over the last five years using Facebook and Twitter, amongst all the acquaintances, I can honestly say I have established genuine and lasting friendships with people all over the globe. These are people who I can call on for advice, help and a chat – I “know” their families, what’s going on in their work and love lives, and they know as much about me.

We live in a fabulous time.

Over to Sue:

They say you are lucky if you have six real friends, people you could count on, who are there for you no matter what. Have we devalued the word 'friend' by using it so freely to mean 'contacts' on social networking sites like Facebook? Not necessarily I don't think as sometimes, in a variety of ways, those contacts are invaluable.

Old Friends  read more »

Selling Advertising On Your Blog - Understanding Your Job & Your Customer's Job

Selling advertising on your blog is a good way to generate a regular, and in some cases, substantial income.


I’ve talked before about how to sell advertising but today I want to talk about retention – getting an advertiser on board is hard work, and you don’t want to be constantly looking for new advertisers in order to replace the ones you are losing!

Unfortunately most bloggers see their responsibility as putting a banner up and forgetting about it! In these days of sophisticated digital marketing, banners alone simply don’t do the job they once did.

Your Responsibility

At the end of the day, your job is to drive traffic to your customer’s website – it’s as simple as that!

Most advertisers understand how to use Google Analytics (and if they don’t then show them!) and they can easily measure how much traffic you are sending them.

There are so many things beyond placing a banner on your site that you can do to send high levels of traffic to them:  read more »

  • Write regular posts about their business, using text links – ask them for updates and news you can share

How Much Productive Time Are You Spending On Your Blog?

I used to own and run a real estate business and I measured the activity of the salespeople in terms of their customer interaction. I can remember saying often “The only time you are in danger of making a sale is when you are talking to a customer, either face to face, on the phone or via email. How much time did you spend today doing that?”

Clock  read more »

Is Facebook Going To Start Charging People To Use The Service?

I did a little informal research on this, using my own Facebook profile. I asked people “If Facebook starts to charge for using the service, would you pay?” I was quite surprised at the vehemence of the answers, with more than 90% saying emphatically they would not and suggesting they would leave the service if it became chargeable.


Next, I told people that Facebook are planning to start running 15 second video adverts in their timelines (they are), and in this case the response was again strongly negative – “Then it will be time for me to say goodbye” was how one friend put it.

I find this interesting.

Facebook is a service that:  read more »

  • Allows us to stay in touch with our friends and family like never before
  • Upload as many images and videos as we want

You Know That "Big Project" You've Been Planning To Start For Ages?

We’ve all got them! A couple of mine recently have been:


1/ Get my scooter running again.

2/ Paint an 80 Metre long garden wall.

The problem with these big projects is that they have a lot of elements. So you end up thinking through all the bits you need to do and never actually get started. Or you can’t start because you don’t have what you need to do the first part of the job.

The wall is a good example.  I had some spare time yesterday, and plenty of energy, and I could easily have started work on that project.  read more »

The Tools I use Every Day

I always enjoy reading about how other people work – the time saving shortcuts they have found and the cool software they use.


So I though it may interest you if I share how I go about my daily work and maintain a productive flow around writing, using social media and doing all the other things you need to do when running a small business. Many of these have free versions, but in most cases I pay for the pro version. I learned a long time ago, that it’s worthwhile investing in tools to make me more efficient – my time is worth a lot to me, both financially and emotionally.

The Cloud – Google Drive  read more »

Every Business Is Now A Digital Business

There’s a fallacy that some kinds of businesses don’t need to be “on-line.” That somehow, people are prepared to pick up a magazine or a newspaper, or even call them to find out a little more about their product or service.


Don’t believe it!

You have a bar or a restaurant? Somebody wants to know what time you open!

You run a gardening business? Someone wants to see pictures of how you trim hedges!

You’re a freelance car mechanic? I want to know if you have the equipment to “read” my car’s computer!  read more »

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