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Actually, You CAN Follow Thousands on Twitter

It’s quite topical at the moment as several big name bloggers have been writing about how they’re cutting out followers, and pretty much every site I visit has comments on it like “I want meaningful relationships on Twitter, so I only follow 200.” Lots of people seem to have got into their heads that you need to keep your followers numbers low to have those “authentic” relationships. Well sorry, but that isn’t true.

Cocktail Party

There are three things you should consider when deciding how many people you can comfortably follow on Twitter:

1/ Twitter is not an IM service  read more »

Interview with a Pro Blogger (Who is also my wife!)

At around the same time I started this blog, my wife Julie started Lanzarote Information. It was a URL we had owned for some time, and Julie decided to set up a blog which was “Anything and everything about Lanzarote” – the island in The Canary Islands where we live.

Lanzarote 390 kb

Since December 2008, the site has gone from strength to strength and it now has around 500 subscribers, with 680 visitors a day viewing 4,400 pages. I thought it was time I carried out an interview with another successful blogger, and was wondering who to start with. I decided to go with the one who shares my office every day! Here’s what Julie had to say in response to my questions:

J and M  read more »

What Happened Mate?

Dear John

What happened mate? Remember the good old days? You and I were going to be bigger than Brogan and Rowse!

You’d been blogging for a few months when we first “met” through Twitter. You helped me out a lot in the early days and I’ll always be grateful. We learned a lot together, commenting on each other’s stuff, helping each other through those first days of blogging when the work is so hard and you feel nobody is reading it. I think it’s fair to say you were a better writer than me – some of your work was superb, but I was always a better businesses person, and when I started talking objectives and business plans, I knew I’d quickly lost your interest.  read more »

Generate Income from your Blog by Offering a Service

This is a guest post from Herbert Liu. His blog is a relatively new one, but I’m delighted that he’s become a part of the Mike’s Life community and I’m looking forward to seeing his future success.

Traditionally, bloggers and web publishers have seen advertising as their main (or only) source of monthly income; firstly, I’ll explain why this can be potentially unsustainable. Secondly, I’ll suggest an alternative to making money on blogs. It was actually this article Services for Bloggers that really pushed my mind to offering services.

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Eight Ways to Overcome a Lack of Motivation as a Blogger

We all go through phases where motivation is a problem. It can be particularly difficult for a blogger, as we have neither colleagues nor a boss to help to get us going when we’re struggling. Here are some quick tips to give you a motivational boost when you’re feeling low.


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1/ Empty Your Inbox

The first thing that goes awry when we’re down is email. We let it build and build with things we’re going to deal with “later.” So, put everything else aside and clear it all out. If it needs no action, bin it. If it needs a reply, do it, then bin it. If it needs you to do something else, add that to your to do list and then bin the email!

There are few things more satisfying than an empty inbox!  read more »

Why I'm So Disappointed in Some A List Bloggers

Like many learning bloggers, I avidly read what the A Listers are writing, and I’m very grateful to them for the ton of terrific free content they pump out. But over the last couple of weeks I’ve been surprised and disappointed at some of the things that have happened. Here are the stories:




Blogger A

This is a young guy who has really “made it” this year, with a truly different blog and a novel approach. I loved reading his stuff, although I had detected that perhaps he was getting just a little too big for his boots in recent months – the posts were sometimes bordering on being “preachy.”  read more »

Realtor Sues Woman for a Tweet

I was incensed when I read the story on MashableWoman sued for $50,000 over a Tweet. This is such a bad story on so many levels. But the biggest loser will surely be Horizon Realty themselves.

Let’s think about this for a moment. This lady had 20 Twitter followers – even if half them were online when she Tweeted, that means 10 people may have read her Tweet about alleged mold in her apartment. Hardly a PR nightmare! But by taking this action, millions of people now know the story. Looking at trending topics right now, I suspect this will be one of the big social media stories of the month. And understandably, almost without exception, people are coming down heavily on the side of the Twitter user.  read more »

Social Media for Businesses - What's the offer?

In the video I made the other day How to sell social media consultancy to businesses, I talked about the three key benefits to them:

  • Getting Incremental business
  • Retaining more existing business
  • “Tuning in” to the conversation about their company


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So let’s look at each of those in some detail:  read more »

The Secret to Social Media Success

Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, all of them. The secret to success? Simple – get other people talking!

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How to Sell Social Media Consultancy to Businesses

In this video I share a case study with you on a company I’m working with to create and manage their social media presence. I’d love to answer any questions you have in comments, and please let me know if you have done anything similar.

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