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Selling Advertising on your Blog

Blogs are a great medium for selling advertising. And charging people to advertise their products of services are a great way to support yourself and your blogging efforts. There will come a time when advertisers will approach you to be on your site, but that only comes with a big readership and reputation. This post is designed to help you start the process and to win your first few advertisers.

Get Set up to Offer Advertising

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How much, on average, do you currently earn from blogging, per month?

Marketing your Blog Offline

Uprinting are one of the sponsors of this blog, and they’ve very kindly offered me two sets of 500 business cards to give away to readers. I’ll tell you how to enter at the bottom of the page. But their offer set me thinking. Why don’t we market our blogs offline?

There’s a funny thing about us bloggers. We promote our websites in every way possible online. We guest post, we comment on other blogs, we Tweet our posts, we feed them to Facebook, in fact we do pretty much anything to get noticed online.

But most of us hardly do any offline marketing. Why is that? I fall into that category, and it makes no sense at all. I just mentally ran through my “real life” contact list, and these are people I see at least once a month and most much more often. And you know what? I bet you less than 10 out of the 150 names I came up with read this blog. Not because they wouldn’t be interested, but because I haven’t told them about it! The strange thing is, I also run an offline business, and every one of those people could tell you the name of that business and I bet most of them could reel off the URL as well. I really don’t know why I have been reticent about telling them, but I do plan to change that from today. After all, who couldn’t use another 150 readers?  read more »

Recording Blog Statistics

When I posted about measuring blog statistics a couple of weeks ago, two readers emailed me and asked me to be more specific about what and how I record, so here we go:

The Stats (I do these weekly)

Those are the key metrics I look at every week. And I force myself to only look at them weekly, otherwise I can end up wasting time during the week.  read more »

Using Drupal as a Blogging Platform

Drupal is a content management system for websites. It can be used as a blogging platform, and I currently use it across three blog sites very successfully, including this one. I have to be honest at this point, and say that I came to use Drupal by accident! At the time I set up my first blog, I didn’t have any idea what I was doing, and my web host provider at the time had a system that allowed me to auto install either Drupal or Wordpress. I chose Drupal because it was the first one listed!

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Twitter Changes - Explanation for People Like Me!

There has been loads of Twitter traffic and dozens of posts about the recent “small change” to the way Twitter works. Having spent some time trying to understand it, I thought I’d write a quick plain English explanation for Mike’s Like readers:


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When to Start Making Money from your Blog

I’m going against most of the advice you read about blogging with this post, but stay with me, because what you’re about to read is based on facts – and recent ones at that. I started this blog in December 2008, and it has made money from the the moment it went live.

Cash in Hand

What you are about the read is the order in which I added income streams to this site and the others in my blogging stable. I don’t suggest it will work for every niche, but it has certainly worked for me:

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Eight Essential Tools for Bloggers

Today’s list post is all about the essential tools for bloggers to use. Tools that will make life easier, faster and generally more efficient:


Windows Live Writer

It’s currently cool to have a downer of Microsoft and their products, but Live Writer is just an amazing tool for bloggers and I would urge you to try it if you haven’t already. It works with pretty much any type of blog, it downloads your blog theme to the writer. Adding, positioning and resizing photos is simple, video equally so and creating links is a piece of cake. All in all, you may never have to think about code again! Here’s my full review of Livewriter.


Google Reader

I’ve covered this in some detail already on this blog. But Google Reader is just the fastest way to read a lot of blogs, which is something we all have to do! You can see my tips for using Google Reader here.

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Mike's Life POW 8th May 2009

Here are this week’s posts of the week from all over the web:


Just Listen

by Jake on musingsofaneclecticmind

It may confuse you, but Jake is a lady. She writes beautifully, and here she reflects on listening, rather than talking or writing, just listening and enjoying it.


Brand Monitoring on Twitter: Backlinks

by Steve Brockbank on twitip

Really important news for anyone, like me, who is working with bricks and mortar companies to help them establish and maintain a social media presence.



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Feelgood Friday

I had to post this video – it’s feelgood Friday!


Have a great weekend!