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Eight Ways to Overcome a Lack of Motivation as a Blogger

We all go through phases where motivation is a problem. It can be particularly difficult for a blogger, as we have neither colleagues nor a boss to help to get us going when we’re struggling. Here are some quick tips to give you a motivational boost when you’re feeling low.


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1/ Empty Your Inbox

The first thing that goes awry when we’re down is email. We let it build and build with things we’re going to deal with “later.” So, put everything else aside and clear it all out. If it needs no action, bin it. If it needs a reply, do it, then bin it. If it needs you to do something else, add that to your to do list and then bin the email!

There are few things more satisfying than an empty inbox!  read more »

Why I'm So Disappointed in Some A List Bloggers

Like many learning bloggers, I avidly read what the A Listers are writing, and I’m very grateful to them for the ton of terrific free content they pump out. But over the last couple of weeks I’ve been surprised and disappointed at some of the things that have happened. Here are the stories:




Blogger A

This is a young guy who has really “made it” this year, with a truly different blog and a novel approach. I loved reading his stuff, although I had detected that perhaps he was getting just a little too big for his boots in recent months – the posts were sometimes bordering on being “preachy.”  read more »

Realtor Sues Woman for a Tweet

I was incensed when I read the story on MashableWoman sued for $50,000 over a Tweet. This is such a bad story on so many levels. But the biggest loser will surely be Horizon Realty themselves.

Let’s think about this for a moment. This lady had 20 Twitter followers – even if half them were online when she Tweeted, that means 10 people may have read her Tweet about alleged mold in her apartment. Hardly a PR nightmare! But by taking this action, millions of people now know the story. Looking at trending topics right now, I suspect this will be one of the big social media stories of the month. And understandably, almost without exception, people are coming down heavily on the side of the Twitter user.  read more »

Social Media for Businesses - What's the offer?

In the video I made the other day How to sell social media consultancy to businesses, I talked about the three key benefits to them:

  • Getting Incremental business
  • Retaining more existing business
  • “Tuning in” to the conversation about their company


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So let’s look at each of those in some detail:  read more »

The Secret to Social Media Success

Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, all of them. The secret to success? Simple – get other people talking!

photo_7093_20090626  read more »

How to Sell Social Media Consultancy to Businesses

In this video I share a case study with you on a company I’m working with to create and manage their social media presence. I’d love to answer any questions you have in comments, and please let me know if you have done anything similar.

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Statistics and Figures Update

I promised in the very beginning that I would keep you up to date with progress on this blog, and although I have done so in various interviews recently, I haven’t here! At the end of June we hit the six month old mark, so it’s a good time to see how we are doing versus the original objectives I set:

New Visitors and Page Views


My target for daily visitors after six months was a tough one – I was looking to hit 500 a day. In the event we just managed to beat that objective and during June the average was actually 584. On page views I wanted to get getting 1680 a day (I know that’s an odd amount, but there was some science in my calculations). We’ve actually smashed that with over 2600 page views per day during the month!

Note: Originally I set out to achieve 1000 visitors a day, but realized after about a month, and through talking to others, that it wasn’t a realistic objective, so I changed the figures at that point.

Result – On target

RSS Readers and Subscribers  read more »

Eight Things You May Not Know About Me

I’ve been interviewed a few times recently. Gordie Rogers did one for his blog, the local newspaper wrote about my book Living in Lanzarote, and I’ve also done one for an upcoming book by another author about ex pats living in Spain.

Dolores Walk 2008

Several Mike’s Life readers have emailed me with “I didn’t know that about you” comments and told me how much they’d enjoyed the interviews. So I thought I’d follow up with “Eight things you may not know about me.”  read more »

Site Review - thoughts.com

This is a sponsored review. What does that mean? It means that the business discussed in the post has paid a sum of money for me to review their product or offering. It does not mean that they get a favorable review, or that I recommend their products. I’m simply looking at what they have, reporting on my findings, and letting you know the outcome. I don’t plan to do these reviews often, perhaps once a month, and I do have lots of interesting stuff to tell you about in the pipeline!

In this post I’m reviewing thoughts.com which is a 100% free online community founded by Ben Ogden.

Thoughts_Logo  read more »

Lifestyle Benefits of Being a Blogger

I’ve been lucky enough to have been interviewed a few times over the last couple of weeks, and a common question has been about the lifestyle of a blogger, so I thought it was time to write a post on the subject.

It’s only in the last few months that I have been able to realize these benefits, in my transition from part to full time blogging. In the early days of this business, I was working full time at another job, and if anything my lifestyle really suffered, with some ridiculous working hours. So what are the benefits, now that I am full time?


Fortunately, I live on an island where nobody ever wears suits and ties, but despite that, there is a standard business outfit, which for guys is a shirt, jeans and good shoes. Whist that’s not too uncomfortable, it’s still a uniform you have to adopt to appear businesslike. I love the fact that I don’t have to do that anymore. I can conduct my business in shorts, t shirts and flip flops. I don’t need to shave everyday if I don’t want to and I can even come and do some work in my pyjamas if an idea strikes me first thing in the morning!

Diving Day  read more »

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