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Congratulations to the Winners!

I ran a competition last week where two people had the chance to win 500 free business cards from one of this blog’s sponsors, Uprinting. Congratulations to:


Who came up with the idea of “Guerilla card drops.” Here is his comment:

  • Great competition Mike. I'm thinking that I'd go for a "guerilla" approach - leaving a card on the counter at the chip shop, putting one inside an appropriate library book, including them with any items I sell on eBay or Amazon... you get the idea :)
  • All that is, of course, on top of giving someone a card whenever I talk to them face to face about my blogs.

I had a wonderful mental picture of Chris, in his combat gear, bursting into his local chip shop, telling everyone to freeze, and leaving his new cards on the counter.


Kelly’s idea was bout using the backs of cards:  read more »

Drupal as a Blogging Platform - How to load Drupal onto Your Server

So, you’ve decided Drupal is the way to go for your blog. Hopefully you’ve done so based on my post about Drupal versus Wordpress! Let’s now explore the process for installing Drupal onto your server. It’s quite straightforward:

drupal.org  read more »

Book Review - Business Stripped Bare. Richard Branson

I haven’t read any previous Branson books, or any of the biographies about the man. I have to admit that my view of Sir Richard was that he was a nice guy, who had a lucky break with Tubular Bells, then surrounded himself with very able business people to run his companies, while he had a great time.


Business Stripped Bare gives the lie to all that. Branson does understand his businesses and he has a great gift for explaining his philosophies. Above all, he has a consummate understanding of branding, and it was this section of the book that I enjoyed the most. If you want to learn about branding a business, then buy it for that alone.  read more »

How the Blogging Market is Changing

We’re coming to the end of the first phase of the social media revolution. Blogging, and all the attendant stuff that goes with it, like Twitter and Facebook are now part of the mainstream. And I believe we need to change our business models to reflect that. Allow me to explain:

How it was

Early Blog

The blogging market was dominated by early adopters. They were technically savvy people, who were probably already spending most of their time online. Many of them saw blogging as a means to supplement or even to kick start already existing online ventures, focused around PPC and Adsense advertising. The hard workers quickly developed large followings, and were able to sell simple information products to those who were desperate for facts about the secrets of their success. Some of the early E-Books about pay per click advertising, or making money through Adsense sold in astonishing numbers. The model was simple: build a huge following and then sell a lot of low priced product to a reasonable number of them.  read more »

Eight Offline Ways to Promote Your Blog

Quite rightly, the bulk of our marketing effort goes into pushing our blogs on line. But most of us are missing a trick in not promoting our blogs offline. Here are eight ideas for getting more traffic to your blog from the real world:


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Mike's Life - An Update

You may remember that in the early days of this blog I put quite a lot of personal stuff on here, and one or two of you have pointed out that I stopped doing that. So what I’m going to try to do is write a personal update post from time to time to let you know what’s happening in Mike’s Life!

Gin and Tonic

Work  read more »

Selling Advertising on your Blog

Blogs are a great medium for selling advertising. And charging people to advertise their products of services are a great way to support yourself and your blogging efforts. There will come a time when advertisers will approach you to be on your site, but that only comes with a big readership and reputation. This post is designed to help you start the process and to win your first few advertisers.

Get Set up to Offer Advertising

2009-05-17_1758  read more »

How much, on average, do you currently earn from blogging, per month?

Marketing your Blog Offline

Uprinting are one of the sponsors of this blog, and they’ve very kindly offered me two sets of 500 business cards to give away to readers. I’ll tell you how to enter at the bottom of the page. But their offer set me thinking. Why don’t we market our blogs offline?

There’s a funny thing about us bloggers. We promote our websites in every way possible online. We guest post, we comment on other blogs, we Tweet our posts, we feed them to Facebook, in fact we do pretty much anything to get noticed online.

But most of us hardly do any offline marketing. Why is that? I fall into that category, and it makes no sense at all. I just mentally ran through my “real life” contact list, and these are people I see at least once a month and most much more often. And you know what? I bet you less than 10 out of the 150 names I came up with read this blog. Not because they wouldn’t be interested, but because I haven’t told them about it! The strange thing is, I also run an offline business, and every one of those people could tell you the name of that business and I bet most of them could reel off the URL as well. I really don’t know why I have been reticent about telling them, but I do plan to change that from today. After all, who couldn’t use another 150 readers?  read more »

Recording Blog Statistics

When I posted about measuring blog statistics a couple of weeks ago, two readers emailed me and asked me to be more specific about what and how I record, so here we go:

The Stats (I do these weekly)

Those are the key metrics I look at every week. And I force myself to only look at them weekly, otherwise I can end up wasting time during the week.  read more »